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Army Surplus Small Arms Ammo Can, .30 cal - US Military Genuine Issue, Used

This product is genuine military issue. This product is made with pride in the United States.This product has been used, which means we can offer you ridiculously low prices.
Army Surplus Small Arms Ammo Can, .30 cal - US Military Genuine Issue, Used
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US Military Small Arms .30 Cal Ammo Can, M19A1, OD

This military issue small arms container is ideal as a small / medium sized storage container. This metal container is built to withstand serious wear. No matter whether you store your bullets, shotgun or rifle shells, tools or just lunch in it, you can rest assured that they will be clean, safe, and dry when you need them. The box features a rubber gasket under the lid to create a waterproof cover.
The ammo can is made of steel throughout, with a seam hinge to open. The end-opening lid has a quick release latch to make it easy to lock and open. There is a metal handle on the top, attached with rectangular wire loops, which lays flat when not in use.
Initially introduced in the 1950s, this ammo can was designed to carry link belts of 100 cartridges of .50 cal ammunition, to be used with the Browning machine gun. After it was first introduced, the case quickly became used to carry all sorts of ammunition and assorted equipment.

The M19A1 ammunition box has been used by the U.S. military for small and medium caliber cartridges, for artillery fuses and more: Some examples are Cartridge 5.56 mm bandoleers and linked, Cartridge 7.62 mm bandoleers and linked, Cartridge .30 caliber carbine, Cartridge .50 caliber linked, Cartridge .38 special, Cartridge 9mm (20 cartons of 50), Cartridge .45 ACP, Cartridge 12 gauge shotgun shell, Cartridge .22LR.

  • Dimensions 11" x 7.25" x 3.81"
  • Steel Construction
  • Waterproof
  • Smooth, flat sides and top
  • Army model M19A1
  • NSN: 8140-00-828-2938
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I ordered mine to store batteries for my radio control electric planes. I needed a large, secure and fireproof box, since the lithium-polymer batteries which have become so popular for powering electric planes are sometimes prone to swell up or burst into flame at up to 2000 degrees F, so they're not the kind of thing to store near flammable materials or leave unprotected in a vehicle. Once it is insulated with high temperature materials I'm good to go.

These ammo boxes are larger and more capacious than most, have a solid latch, and are dirt cheap. Mine arrived in excellent condition, without rust or dents.
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