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US GI Army ACU Improved Modular Sleep System IMSS MSS 5 Piece Bivy Pack

This product is genuine military issue.
US GI Army ACU Improved Modular Sleep System IMSS MSS 5 Piece Bivy Pack
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US GI Army ACU Improved Modular Sleep System Bivy Pack IMSS

The Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) modular sleep system consists of two mummy style sleeping bags - the foliage green patrol bag and the urban gray intermediate bag, a Universale Camouflage waterproof bivy cover, a small foliage green compression stuff sack, and a large foliage green compression stuff sack, all of which the US Army currently uses. Each sleeping bag can be used independently or together with the bivy cover, can protect you from temperatures ranging from +50 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit! The patrol sleeping bag is a three-season, light-weight sleeping bag and the intermediate sleeping bag is a cold weather sleeping bag. The small compression stuff sack provides adequate space for two or three components of the system, while the large compression stuff sack holds all components of the system and compresses down to one cubic foot.

  • Brand New Still In The Bag
  • Comes with all 5 pieces
  • Gore-Tex® BIVY outer cover bag 60° F (1.5 lbs)
    • 8465-01-547-2644 (X-Long: 8465-01-547-2355)
  • Patrol Sleeping Bag 30° to 50° F (3 lbs)
    • 8465-01-547-2706 (X-long: 8465-01-547-2712)
  • Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bbag 30° to -10° F (4 lbs)
    • 8465-01-547-2694 (X-Long: 8465-01-547-2697)
  • Large Compression Stuff Sack
    • 8465-01-547-2670
  • Small Compression Stuff Sack
    • 8465-01-547-2656
  • ACU layering design
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(5 reviews)  

5 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
I love this sleep system! Yes, if you pack the whole thing it's heavy for backpacking, but you can just pack the parts you need for a given trip. I mostly do warm weather backpacking, but with this I'm ready to head to higher elevations where the zombies can't go. The gore-tex shell kicks butt, the bags are the best qauality out there. This is the newest version, and it's what the military is currently purchasing FOR A REASON. Excellent stuff! 2 different size compression stuff sacks, so you can use the smaller one if you only want to take the bivy and patrol bags. Yes, you can buy ultra-lightweight bags, but judging by the ones I've tried, you might just as well take a bedsheet instead and save a wad of cash. This thing is warm, comfortable, and waterproof
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I have purchased 10 sleeping bags over the past few years. Without a doubt this is the most comfortable, well made system I have ever purchased. It is great for all temperatures I have tested it. It has my highest recommendation,
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Now this is a real sleeping bag...not one of those fancy but do nothing bags...This Military bags delivers and I am glad I purchased it future camping trips etc...Also can be used in an emergency as well during a big storm or if you are camping in extreme cold conditions...Excellent product especially for the price...
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I took it out in Alaska with just the inner liner and it was a little cold in the fall by itself, but also backpacked it sheep hunting with all three sections and it is great. Yes, it's a little heavy for backpacking, but well worth the little bit extra. When you have all three pieces you can tailor it to meet the vastly changing weather conditions that can pop up overnight in Alaska or many other places.
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Real Deal. Actually, better than real deal, since it was new, and didnt have the funk from previous Soldiers in it.

Was issued the same thing in the Army. Liked it so much I bought my own. It's heavy, compared to modern bags, but it does what it says and it won't fall apart, even under heavy use.

Camping trip with friends over New Year's. 19degF out, and snow on the ground. Only guy in camp who didnt get cold at night. Also, only guy in camp who didnt have fancy electric blankets or whatever.

Works better against bare skin. Crawl into it in skivvies only. Wear long johns or other layers to bed and you wont be nearly as warm.
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