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US Military Genuine Issue USMC Boonie Hat, Woodland MarPAT

This product is genuine military issue. This product is made with pride in the United States.
US Military Genuine Issue USMC Boonie Hat, Woodland MarPAT
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Large image USMC GI Woodland Marpat Boonie Hat, Full Hat, Front, EGA Emblem Closeup USMC GI Woodland Marpat Boonie Hat, Front, EGA Emblem Closeup USMC GI Woodland Marpat Boonie Hat, Printed EGA Emblem
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GI USMC Military Boonie Hat

The Marine Corps issue boonie hat is one of the best and most comfortable options to protect your head and eyes from the sun. With its 360° brim, the sun can't get into your eyes from the side either, as it would with a baseball cap. Maybe you can get similar protection with a 10-gallon cowboy hat, but ask yourself, 'Am I a cowboy?', you aren't and the hat wouldn't look right on you. The Genuine Issue US Marine Woodland Marpat boonie hat is made from a military grade 50/50 nylon / cotton blend with a twill weave, which makes it incredibly durable, no matter what exactly you plan on putting it through. The soft top of the hat makes it very easy to crush and put in your pocket or backpack as you go through the day, available the second you need it. On the side of the hat are metal screen vents to allow for air circulation, keeping your head cool. If it's really hot, try soaking the top of the hat in water, and let it evaporate while you wear it, taking the heat with it. The most environmentally conscious and easily accessible air conditioning you can find. This hat may not be quite the look you need to go with your tux to a wedding or state dinner, but when that isn't the look you're going for, this hat is pretty much the way to go.

The USMC boonie hat in the Digital Woodland Marpat camouflage pattern has a 3" brim; four screened ventilation holes in the crown with full-circumference tan webbing and nylon chin strap.
* Due to the spacing between the printed EGA emblems on the material, and the size of the hat, some hats may not have the small, printed EGA

  • 50/50 Nylon Cotton (NyCo) twill material
  • Brass screen vents
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Wind resistant & water repellent
  • GSA Compliant
  • Printed Digital Desert Marpat Camouflage
  • Terrycloth sweatband
  • Proudly made in the USA
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Cody Maverick
Sep 30, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Actually NOT genuine issue. I'm a retired Marine and have the actual articles. The embroidered EGA on the front is different - eagle's wings too thin, globe larger, the inside tag is wrong and actually has a spelling error. It should say, COVER, FIELD, MARPAT, WOODLAND. But this one says COVER, FIELD, WOODLAND, MARINE CORP. Really? Marine "CORP"? I didn't know that we were a corporation! The tag also doesn't indicate that it was made by SEKRI INDUSTRIES, INC. who is the authorized contractor for it. The tag is also incorrectly affixed to the side of the cover versus the inside top as it should be. The chin strap clasp is a cheap piece of leather versus the plastic clasp that comes on the real thing. Lastly, it's listed as being made in the USA. The genuine articles don't say this. I would guess that this is a Chinese made knock off. However, with that said, when I purchased this I had expected this to be a knock off and the quality is very good for the price and shouldn't dissuade anyone from this purchase, unless a genuine article is actually required. Excellent copy, but not genuine issue.
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Great people to do business with. Ordered a boonie hat, in my error I ordered the wrong size. Got great customer service solving the issue. This is a good store. I would rate this a. 5 stars
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