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Army Rolls Out New Scorpion Camouflage Pattern

Army Rolls Out New Scorpion Camouflage Pattern

Gone are the days when all of the US Armed Forces looked the same. Until 2001, all of the branches of the military wore the same uniforms, with slightly different rank patches. In 2001, the Marine Corps developed an entirely new pattern, replacing the woodland camo with a digital pattern. The old pattern had been oddly shaped blobs in 4 different colors, overlaid on each other, the new one was a “micropattern” that uses much smaller, pixel-like and square-ish blobs this pattern was called MarPat (Marine Pattern). The pixels were meant to break up the view of the entire marine, resulting in better camouflage.

The Army was the next in line. Seeing the success of the digital camo design that the marines had in woodland and desert color schemes, the Army started to develop their own version. In the mid 2000s, the Universal Camo Pattern was rolled out, replacing the woodland BDU (Battle Dress Uniform).

The UCP was similar to the MarPat in that it was also pixelated, but instead of having 2 separate patterns for desert and for woodland, the color scheme was designed to blend into virtually every background. The reaction among soldiers seems to have been mixed, with quite a number of them being rather unhappy with the new camo pattern.
There was however universal acclaim for the ability of the new pixilated gray/green pattern to blend in with grandma’s couch:

At the same time as UCP was being developed, a company called Crye Precision developed a non- pixilated seven color camouflage called Multicam. The pattern was based on a gradient background, going from tan to green with shades of green, brown and white blobs overlaid. The result is a camouflage that looks like completely different colors depending on which part of the fabric you are looking at.

This pattern originally lost to UCP, but was brought back by the Army during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, resulting in its being called ‘Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern’ or OCP. First introduced into service by the 173rd Airborne Brigade in 2010, it quickly was taken on by more, and eventually all of the Army.
Multicam is a privately owned pattern, copyrighted by Crye Precision, and the army was paying a licensing fee for each use. It was largely designed off an existing pattern, Scorpion, which was developed together with the Army and Crye. Recently, in order to save money on the licensing fees, the Army took the old Scorpion pattern, before the Crye modifications, and brought into use. Using their own pattern saves the Army licensing fees that were being paid to Crye. Additionally, owning the licensing rights allows the Army to limit the use of the pattern to service members only, unlike Multicam, which being owned by a private company could be used by anyone. In 2014 it was announced that Scorpion would be replacing Multicam all across the Army at the beginning of August 2015.

Jun 15


“Camo is all around us, all you have to do is see it.”

August Rushaugust-rush-rep


Mcguire Army Navy has experienced a strange phenomenon. All employees at Mcguire Army Navy have something called Cammo eye. It seems to be a rare “super power” that comes with working in the military surplus business, and coming in contact with all kinds of dust, mold, mildew, from many different decades. It takes time to develop, but when you have it, your life will never be the same. Ordinary pictures come alive before your eyes. We toil in all kinds of items from WW 2 era to the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The color palettes and patterns that we have been exposed to are all over the color spectrum. From the modern day ACU Pattern () to Vietnam Tiger Stripe (). It has trained the employees at Mcguire Army Navy to be aware of camouflage in all situations.


Now this “ability” can be a blessing and a curse. Employess of Mcguire Army Navy have trouble looking at regular pictures and seeing the beauty for what they are.

We see Cammo. And Cammo. And Cammo

In light of this, we would like to launch Cammo Alerts. Everyday pictures that have subtle camo colors. We will be posting them on our Instagram page (#CammoAlert). We invite other to add to our growing collection of CammoAlert



Mar 19

Another happy customer experience from Mcguire Army Navy: The Story Of The U.S. Navy Bridge Coat

 Another happy customer experience from Mcguire Army Navy: The Story Of The U.S. Navy Bridge Coatcollage

Email #1:
Dear Sirs , your Bridge coat arrived at my address on 14.3.2014 and was handed to my partner , as I was away on that date , I arrived this afternoon on the 15Th and opened the package to look at the coat , which was to my surprise covered in dust and fluff.
I put the garment on and my lady partner decided to brush the dust off whilst I stood there , it was then when brushing the back of the Bridge
coat , that she noticed a slash or tear across the back of it , on further inspection , two more slashed were found at the back of both shoulders. 
To say that I’m disappointed is putting it mildly , how on gods earth could you send out a product in this appalling condition with out noticing the damage ?
I bought this in good faith , and after paying the price , postage , and customs duty , I’m left with something that is of no use to anyone , and I’m very distressed , as this coat was to be a birthday present to me , from my partner who is also very upset about it.
I enclose photographic proof of the damage for your inspection , and require a full re-fund on the coat and custom duty paid , plus the postage costs of sending it back to you if you wish to have it returned. I tried to call your shop today but got not reply , so I’ve informed Pay-pal of the situation , and they will contact you via email to resolve the problem.


I am sorry that no one was here to answer your call this weekend, but we are closed on Saturday and Sundays.
I am terribly sorry that your jacket arrived in that condition, and we will do everything we can to resolve the situation.
We have many of these coats, and never came across one that was damaged at all, certainly not like this one was. Was the package intact, and only the coat damaged, or did the damage perhaps occur during shipping? (We are going to take full responsibility either way, I just want to know so that we know if we need to deal with the shipper.)
If you would like, we can send you a replacement coat, which I will personally inspect for damage, as well make sure to pack it securely.
Otherwise, we can issue you a full refund.
Please let me know what you would like to do, and I assure you that we will do what we can to rectify this situation.


Email #2:
Dear Sirs , thank you for your polite reply , I have inspected the bag in which the damaged coat came , and there is no damage or cuts on it’s surface ( PHOTOS ENCLOSED ) for your close inspection , so in fairness , that would seem to rule out the shipping company , and UK Customs.
It’s regrettable that the coat is damaged because apart from that , it is nicely made and fitted me just fine , I suspect the damage could have occurred at your supplier , and therefore you would need to talk to them about a possible re-fund to McGuire Army navy.
I appreciate very much your companies good service attitude toward me in this matter , and no doubt this unfortunate incident is a one-off , and I suspect not entirely of your own making , and therefore it will not affect McGuire’s good reputation .
As to the Bridge Coat , yes a replacement 44″ would be most acceptable providing that the shipping and customs duty ( already paid ) are dealt with by your company .
That now leaves us with the damaged coat  . If you would like it returned to the US , I can attend to the shipping if you so wish , but please be advised , that it will have to come out of my own pocket unless you advise otherwise . If so , you will need to factor in all of these costs when asking for a re-fund to your supply company.
You have made a very reasonable offer to me , and I can see no reason why I should not recommend your services in future to my associates and friends.


Email #3:

“The return of…The Bridge Coat ” ( Good title for a film ? )

Hi it’s me again , sorry to be a pain in the rear end , but in previous emails I’ve asked you gentlemen at McGuire’s if you wished me to return the damaged Bridge Coat to you , but so far you have not answered that question.
I can understand that the shipping costs incurred could out-whey it’s true value , as it’s now only useful for spares ( e.g. The buttons and back strap etc ) because to try to invisibly repair the coat , would probably cost a lot more than it’s original purchase price.
Having said that , If you could kindly cover the shipping costs , I would be only too happy to send it back if you wish me to , Failing that , and as I abhor waste , I’m pretty sure that my local charity shop could find a good use for it .   
Thank you again gentleman , and may I commend you for your polite and courteous service , it is much appreciated.



Hi ,

I love the film title! 🙂
I am sorry that I neglected to answer as far as returning the ruined coat. As you noted, the shipping costs would render it counter-productive to bother with sending it back, and it is probably not even good kindling for a bonfire. So I guess feel free to drop at your local charity, or dispose of it.
Thank you for your understanding regarding the issues with the coat. Your new one will be going out today.
Mcguire Army Nay


Your order, 1121392

Item Name         

US GI Navy Bridge Coat Dark Navy Blue 100 Melton Wool Sizes New Genuine Issue          1

has shipped and the tracking information is below.

 Thank you for your business! You can now visit us on the web at


Mcguire Army Navy


Email #4:

” The Bridge Coat …. A Happy Ending ” ( The Sequel )

Dear Mcguire Army Navy , imagine if you will , a lonely wind swept and darkly damp street in Old London Town , and an old wino looking shabbily chic for the very first time in his life after a visit to the charity shop , who’ve dressed him in an elegant Bridge Coat , tastefully modified to give it that all important stumbling Street Credibility .
Now picture him there saying to himself in Cockney dialect ” Fank Gord and bless McGuire ArmyNavy , cause’ I’d be freezin’ me bleedin’ nuts orf , if I didn’t av’ this ere’ nice coat wot I got on ! ” 
So all of us , along with that local charity shop young Akiva , will help keep this knackered and crumbling old derelict warm next winter , and his equally inebriated and urine perfumed lady friend , will think him most dashing indeed , as he attempts a quick and naughty fumble with this ravishing and tantalising creature under the moon-lit arches.
The conclusion to this unholy nocturnal tryst between these two fragrant love birds does not bare thinking about , or as you Americans would say ” You don’t want to know ! “
Cue : Sentimental violin music ….Does it give you that warm feeling of doing something for a fellow human being ? Does it not bring tears to your eyes ?   Well it bloody well would , if you were standing down wind of them mate !
But seriously with your very kind permission , I shall pop along post haste to the aforementioned emporium of charity , and deposit said coat there , thereby performing a good deed from us all this week. 
It’s the little things that we do in life , that can have far reaching and surprising consequences , for it is said ” When a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Guatemala , a pigeon craps on some poor sod in Brooklyn ” … or something like that.
Have a good week and take care of yourself .  
Regards to all at McGuire ArmyNavy , and thanks from my Lady-Love and me.Capture

Aug 15

Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Summer

Well, it has been a nice summer, with all of the classic ingredients: warm weather, hot weather, ball games, water parks, beaches and political scandals. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but all good things come to an end eventually. Conveniently, as good things end, other good things come to take their place, in a never-ending cycle of goodness and fun. In just two short weeks, it will be Labor Day the official start of the fall season; time to send your kids to school, cross your fingers for good teachers, and start dreading homework time. In place of beaches and water parks, now we are looking at other beaches, barbecues, and deer hunting season. Time to look forward to cool crisp morning walks, crunching dead leaves, football games and more. The season is upon us.

Now that we are heading into the cooler season, it’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe. Last year’s fall jacket? Surely you jest. You can’t wear that anymore, just look at what everyone else is wearing…

We at McGuire Army Navy are proud to introduce our “Concealed Carry” Smith & Wesson branded fall jackets and pants. This line is specially designed for those who carry a gun, with a built-in holster patch in the jacket and vest pockets, as well as pants that are specially designed for wearing a holster easily and comfortably. Designed by Wild Things Tactical in collaboration with Smith & Wesson, there was no compromising on design, quality and comfort. These clothes will serve you reliably whether you need them for hunting, camping, outdoors or just general fall wear.

While they are designed especially for those who are carrying, (seriously, what else can you expect from Smith & Wesson?) this amazing clothing line is sure to satisfy everyone. Be sure to see the men’s and women’s lines of our S & W concealed carry clothing.

May 02

The Hot Weather Is Coming! Get Prepared –

McGuire Army Navy

Do you work outdoors? If you hike, enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, or simply appreciate solid hot weather boots, McGuire Army Navy’s Wellco Hot Weather Boot is the boot for you. Nobody enjoys working with sweaty feet, and this boot, which is perfectly engineered for hot weather is the perfect one for you. 
McGuire Army Navy is happy to present to you the Wellco ENTRY Hot Weather B107 Tactical boot, which is a proven winner, and is currently used by almost every department of the US Military when performing missions throughout the world. This boot is built to quickly get you from one place to the other on the battlefield. The ENTRY Hot Weather boot keeps your feet both cool and dry in extreme conditions. The slip & oil resistant rubber out-sole is designed to withstand all terrain and drive you to the completion of the task at hand. The leather and nylon body forms a perfect mesh of fabrics which allows for the most comfortable yet productive experience. 
In 1965 Wellco developed the Jungle Boot for the US Army. In 1991 General Schwarzkopf selected the Wellco Desert Boot as standard issue for troops deploying in Operation Desert Storm. Today, Wellco remains the top innovator in Combat Boots. From the jungles of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan we have supplied our best and bravest with the innovations needed to prevail in the world’s toughest conditions. Today this mission continues as we outfit those currently fighting overseas as well as those returning home to face new challenges. It’s this commitment that spawned our credo: There and Back. No matter where the battle lines are drawn. We remain dedicated to those willing to protect and serve. McGuire Army Navy is dedicated to keeping Wellco’s promise and delivering you the best possible boots for your buck.
You can check these awesome boots out on our website here: You can also see them on our eBay store There is absolutely no question that we have the lowest prices on the web.

Apr 25

Only the Best in Eyewear: Oakley’s In Stock!

Hello McGuire Army Navy Blog Viewers!

Here at McGuire Army Navy we are committed to making your life easier and more fun. Whether you bike, shoot, sunbathe, work with heavy machinery, or just want to look cool (you’re welcome to do all five at the same time), we have the perfect glasses for you. McGuire Army Navy presents to you The Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0 surpasses ANSI Z87.1 Industrial Standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact protection. Additionally the M Frame 2.0 meets MIL SPEC, MIL-PRF-31013.  All lenses are made of pure Plutonite®, a proprietary material that offers the highest level of optical clarity available in eye-wear.  You get razor-sharp clarity at all angles of view, which maximizes peripheral vision and protection against sun, wind and side impact.  It also features a clip that holds the lens and frame together providing more secure support. 


• Fully compliant with all ANSI Z87.1-2003 protection requirements

• Fully compliant with MIL-PRF-31013 Vo Ballistics

• Plutonite lens material blocks 100% of all UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light

• Full compatibility with PASGT, CVC and MICH helmets

• Full compatibility with helmet-mounted night vision devices

• Distortion-free optics via patented Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry that minimizes refraction

• Extended upper/lower/lateral/ viewing fields via Polaric Ellipsoid geometry

• Maximized comfort of ultra-lightweight design (1.05 oz. total weight)

• Secure fit, even under wet conditions via hydrophilic Unobtanium at all contact points

• Convenience of easy lens replacement with no need for tools

• NSN#: 4240-01-525-3095

Check them out at, and on youtube at

Apr 18

Ready to Work? McGuire Army Navy and Camelbak are here:

To begin with, we here at McGuire Army Navy must offer our sincerest condolences to all of the families of the victims of the Texas fertilizer plant disaster. The terrible tragedy that occurred in Texas yesterday was a senseless mishap with horrible consequences. We hope and pray that everyone stays safe from unfortunate accidents such as this and other disasters. For the most updated information on this horrible event, see this link:

We all have to work – its simply a fact of life. Whether you’re manning a bulldozer , shrink-wrapping cardboard boxes, gardening, or even loading machine gun magazines, (let’s not forget our weekend home improvement) everyone has work to do. At McGuire Army Navy, we’re trying to make life easier for you in one simple step:  Everyone knows the importance of good safety and protection  equipment. McGuire Army Navy would like to introduce Camelbak Work Gloves. These gloves were designed by Camelbak for the US Military, used for tactical operations, shooting, using weapons, driving in rough conditions, and mechanic’s work; they were so enjoyed by men and women in the Service that Camelbak commercialized the gloves – so not only are they engineered for military use, but they are extremely comfortable and, frankly, extremely cool. These Camelbak gloves are made to absorb shock, heat, and vibrations. There are some gloves for hot weather, and some for cold: They are available in a few different styles, and in tan and black. 

Check this video out for more Camelbak Gloves information:!

To purchase these gloves at a heavily discounted price at McGuire Army Navy, follow this link, and you’ll find all of the various styles and colors, each one tailor fit for use in different industries:

Dec 21

Winter 2012 Sale!

Happy Holidays!! Celebrate with savings! We slashed already discounted prices on select items, and took off 12% across the site. See how much YOU can save.

Happy Christmas / Kwanzaa / Hannukah (Chriskwanzakah)!!

It was a close call, but it looks like we survived the Mayan Apocalypse. Whew, that was a close one. And to think that you could have gone down without ever having gotten the chance to take advantage of the incredibly discounted prices at McGuire Army Navy… The good news is that in honor of surviving the End Of The World, and to celebrate the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, we have taken a steep cut off select items, as well as a 12% cut across the board on EVERY ITEM. Lets celebrate the Holidays, the New Year and the missing apocalypse (or at least be prepared for the next apocalypse, date to be determined). Check out our every day amazing prices, then see how much you can save on top of those prices.

Forget about losing weight this year, start your New Years early with a resolution to save money, and spend more wisely. With all the resolutions every year that fall by the wayside before January ends, let this be one that you start working on before January even begins. Shop smarter, and save more.

This end of year season we are marking down our already discounted prices on military gear and clothing. Every item on our website is going to be 12% off until 11:59pm Monday Dec 31, 2012. Whether you are looking for clothing or equipment and gear, genuine issue and military style, we are offering every last item at 12% off, no minimum purchase. No coupon code needed, just put your items in your cart and watch the savings stack up. Shipping on select Sale items, as well as orders over $100 is free to anywhere in the US, otherwise there is a $5 flat S&H charge for orders withini the United States. We carry practical items as well as memorabilia; see our military insignia patches and pins, uniform clothing (shirts, pants, jackets etc.), boots and military issue or military spec protective eyewear. Now that the weather is getting colder, make sure you see our winter clothing, from extreme cold weather parkas to thermal underwear, make sure that as cold as it is outside, you stay warm and comfortable.

Nov 06

Weekly Deals on Military Gear and Apparel – McGuire Army Navy

Thank you Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. 10% off military clothing, military gear and military surplus until after Veterans Day 2012, Coupon code

Join us at McGuire Army Navy as we celebrate Veterans Day 2012. There are few, if any, groups that we in the United States owe a greater debt to than those who donned the uniform of the US Military, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sole purpose of protecting and defending the rest of us. As we sleep comfortably and safely in bed every night, these brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces have been putting their lives on the line as far back as when we were still British Colonies. Notwithstanding that we owe these brave men and women to remember them daily, we dedicate a special day to them on November 11 each year.

At McGuire Army Navy, your source for the best quality military surplus, we join the rest of a grateful nation in thanking each and every member of the United States Armed Forces, past and present, for their service to this great country. While we cannot thank each service member individually, and there are no words to fully express the debt that we owe, we would like to thank all active and veteran members of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as members of the National Guard. We know that your job is dangerous and oftentimes thankless, but we would like you to know that we have you in our hearts and prayers, and we will never forget you!

In honor of Veterans Day 2012, we are marking down our already discounted prices on military gear and clothing. Every item on our website is going to be 10% off until Monday November 12. Whether you are looking for clothing or equipment and gear, genuine issue and military style, we are offering every last item at 10% off, no minimum purchase. Enter Coupon code THANKYOU2012 at checkout to see your savings. Shipping is free for orders over $100; otherwise there is a $5 flat S&H charge. We carry practical items as well as memorabilia; see our military insignia patches and pins, uniform clothing (shirts, pants, jackets etc.), boots and military issue or military spec protective eyewear. Now that the weather is getting colder, make sure you see our winter clothing, from extreme cold weather parkas to thermal underwear, make sure that as cold as it is outside, you stay warm and comfortable.

Sep 12

Reflections on 9/11 – From McGuire Army Navy

It was 11 years ago on a beautiful, clear and sunny Tuesday morning. As people on the West Coast were just beginning to wake up, and the East Coasters were heading to work, something unthinkable hit this great nation. The city of New York was struck with a terrorist attack of unimaginable proportion. 19 terrorists from Al Qaeda hijacked four commercial jets and flew two of them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade center, one into the Pentagon, the base of all American military operations; another one, believed to be heading for the Capitol Building, crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA. At that moment, America stopped. The world stopped. This great nation was brutally stabbed in the back by a group of terrorists who were guests in our country. The United States would never be the same and the world was changed forever. The “City That Never Sleeps” came to a screeching halt. The center of America’s (and the world’s) financial market and the hub of all of our military and defense operations were targeted and struck by terrorists. The gaping hole in the majestic New York City skyline is a daily reminder of what happens when we let our guard down.

It is at the time of the greatest tragedy that one’s true inner strength comes out for the world to see. While the entire country, and the world, stood in stunned silence, our first responders, emergency personnel, and defense forces swung into immediate action. Before the buildings even collapsed, these heroic men and women showed the world what America is all about. The response was fast enough that there were actually emergency vehicles at Ground Zero that were hit by falling debris. Fighter jets were tracking the missing planes and protecting the skies in no time at all, and the streets of New York City were covered in the ubiquitous woodland camouflage BDUs. Yet again, the brave men and women of our US Armed Forces, as well as the police and first responders, showed us why they are worthy of our honor and respect. When the civilian population gets to hide in bed with pillows over our heads, the Army, Marines Corps, Navy and Air Force personnel are at the forefront of the fight, defending our right to sleep soundly at night.

Let’s take a moment to remember the thousands of innocent victims of the evil terror attack that was perpetrated 11 years ago. We can never forget that day, and we can never go back to the oblivious innocence of before 9/11. So many people lost their lives; even more lost friends, family members, and loved ones. The world and the country will never be the same. We can never forget. We can never forgive the pain and suffering caused by people who would deny us our basic rights and freedoms. But let us also take a moment to appreciate the United States Armed Forces, brave Americans who put their life on the line day after day, month after month, and year after year to ensure that we can keep those freedoms that others would like to deny us.

To the victims, their friends and family: We will never forget, you are in our hearts and prayers always. To our soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen, whether active duty, retired or reserves: We will never forget you either. Only you know the fear and emotion, but we also know the risk that you take as you put on your uniform in the morning to start another day defending us from enemies both within and without. We cry with you when we hear about the military personnel who, sadly, are not coming home. We appreciate your bravery, and know that we would not be able to do what we do, if not for you doing what you do. To all emergency personnel, to the police and fire departments, to the men and women of the United States Army, of the Marine Corps, of the Navy, of the Coast Guard, and of the Air Force, we here at McGuire Army Navy surplus, on behalf of the American People, salute you. We stand with you, we pray for you, and we support you. You are always at the forefront of our minds and prayers.

Thank you.

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