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Having trouble finding that rugged cool looking winter hat that also needs to be warm and comfortable? Try the jeep cap, . That old time military rugged cool look is perfect for engaging in those rough cold outdoor winter activities. The Jeep Cap has been keeping noggins warm since it was originaly worn by GI’s in WWII.

Once upon a time

In 1942 the United states government issued the jeep cap to GIs to provide extra warmth and padding under the heavy combat helmets. The GIs took a liking to the casual and relaxed look of the cap and soon became popular to wear it separate. As much as it was popular by the GIs it was hated by General Patton. General Patton’s despised the cap for its "slovenly" and "un-military" look and ordered wear of the cap without helmet to be banned and punished by a fine. Eventually, the Jeep Cap was phased out and replaced with the Standardized Field Cap as part of the new, layered U.S Army M-1943 Uniform. Some say that General Patton himself had persuaded the army to issue a cap to fit his liking, who really Knows?        


Wounded Soldiers in WWII with their jeep caps.

The original Jeep cap was olive drab, made from wool, with an extra layer of material starting on the top center of the brim. GI’s had the ability to pull down the extra layer over their ears for extra warmth. Back then the army issued four sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large, as the material did not have any elasticity.

“Call it what you like”

After the war, the Jeep caps became iconic in war movies and tv shows, sparking a new trend for the “beanie like” army cap. Getting a new name like "Radar cap" due to the cap being made famous by the character Radar O'Reilly from the hit US TV sitcom M*A*S*H. Years later in the early 2000s it became heavily used by young millennial skate boarders, getting dubbed the “Skull cap”. Now the only original part of the historic cap left that is reminding us of our gallant troops who wore it, is the 2-inch baseball cap like brim.

Radar from M*A*S*H sporting his famous Jeep Cap

So, put a piece of military history on your head and hit the trail looking cool and rugged, while keeping warm and comfortable.

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