Winter Camping Hacks

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Most people think about camping as a summer activity, but with the right apparel and gear, you can enjoy it all year round. Winter is a magnificent time of year where pristine landscapes can be experienced without any crowds. The weather will be colder so plan ahead so you can stay warm and have a great trip.

Buy a Four-Season Tent

When camping in the summer you don’t really think about the type of tent you bring. However, winter camping requires more diligent planning and research into the right gear you need to be warm and shield you from the elements. Four season tents are made to resist strong gusts of wind, protect against freezing temperatures, and reduce your exposure to heavy snow.

Staying Warm Inside the Tent

Having a quality tent is a good start, but you still need to stay warm all night. Having a cold rated sleeping bag should be the first thing on your list to stay warm. Also wear extra layers like thermal underwear, a hat, and socks to keep warm. You can even bring hand-warmers and a portable heater to take the chill out of the cold air in the tent.

Campfire in the Snow

Enjoying a campfire provides comfort and warmth to your outdoor winter outing. To make a fire in snow, look for a place that is shielded from wind and stomp out a flat area. Next, create a platform made out of rocks or large pieces of wood. Add some tinder on the platform, arrange sticks into a tepee on top of it, and light the tinder. Voila, now you have a winter fire to keep you warm!

Winter Apparel

Layering is the method of wearing different kinds of clothes to remove moisture, insulate your body, and protect you from the elements. It helps you to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in any type of weather you might face.

  • Coat: Your choice of coat depends on the type of weather you expect during the winter. A Gore-Tex coat will protect you when dealing with winter blizzards.
  • Long-sleeved Shirts: A long-sleeved shirt is a good idea and can be paired with a flannel shirt for extra insulation.
  • Gloves: Pack a few different kinds of gloves even if you don’t think you will need them all. A light pair, a thick pair, and a pair of leather gloves will ensure you are prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.
  • Socks: Make sure to keep your feet warm and dry is especially important during the winter. Thick wool-nylon socks are an excellent choice for winter camping.
  • Hat: Bring a knit cap or beanie to stay warm.
  • Ice Spikes: If you plan to hike on icy trails or fish on frozen lakes, then a pair of ice spikes are essential for your winter camping trip. These slip easily over your boots to guarantee secure footing.

Winter Survival Gear

There are never-ending lists of survival gear, but you only have to pack the essentials for a winter camping trip. Your survival list will also be based on the activities you intend to do on your excursion. If you are doing short hikes, then your survival gear will be different than if you are doing a several day backpacking trip to an isolated area. Some essential survival gear items include matches, a knife, a first-aid kit, an emergency blanket, and a map of the area.

Before heading out on your next winter camping trip, be sure to bring the right gear and apply these tips to stay warm and dry.

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