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The ABU Rifleman Kit is a comprehensive set of MOLLE II pouches and accessories designed to enhance your tactical gear setup. Whether you're a professional in the field or an avid outdoor enthusiast, this kit provides essential storage solutions for your mission-critical items. The kit includes a range of GI MOLLE II pouches to accommodate different equipment needs. The GI MOLLE II Canteen Cover offers a secure and accessible storage solution for your hydration needs. The M9 Single and Dual Mag Pouches are designed to hold your M9 pistol magazines, while the M4 Single Mag Pouches come in both 1x2 and 1x3 configurations, perfect for your M4 rifle magazines. The kit includes a Smoke Grenade Pouch, Hydration Pouch, Large Medical Pouch, and Small Medical Pouch for tactical necessities. These versatile pouches provide ample space for items such as smoke grenades, first aid supplies, and hydration bladders, ensuring you have the necessary equipment at your fingertips.

  • Constructed of 100% Nylon Cordura
  • Water resistant
  • Water drainage hole on the bottom
  • MOLLE Straps on the back
  • US Military Issued
  • Made in USA

Kit Includes:

(1) GI MOLLE II Canteen Cover

(1) GI MOLLE II M9 Single Mag Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II M9 Dual Mag Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II M4 Single Mag (1x2) Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II M4 Single Mag (1x3) Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II Smoke Grenade Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II Hydration Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II Large Medical Pouch (9x3x5)

(1) GI MOLLE II Small Medical Pouch


(1) GI MOLLE II Protective Insert CTP-1L

(1) GI MOLLE II Radio, MBITR Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II 4oz Chemical Spray Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II Expandable Baton/Tourniquet 6" Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II Expandable Baton/Flashlight 8" Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II Handcuff Pouch

(1) GI MOLLE II Latex Glove Holder

The ABU Rifleman Kit also features various specialized pouches to accommodate additional gear. The ALICE/MOLLE II Adapter allows you to attach ALICE-compatible items to your MOLLE gear. The Protective Insert CTP-1L provides extra protection for sensitive equipment, such as electronic devices or optics. The Radio MBITR Pouch is designed to securely hold your radio communication equipment, while the 4oz Chemical Spray Pouch keeps your defense spray readily accessible. The kit includes Expandable Baton/Tourniquet Pouches in 6" and 8" sizes, a Handcuff Pouch, and a Latex Glove Holder to accommodate tools and accessories. These pouches offer secure and easy access to your essential tools, ensuring you are prepared for a variety of situations. All the ABU Rifleman Kit pouches are made to the high standards of genuine GI MOLLE II gear. Their rugged construction ensures durability and reliable performance in demanding environments. The MOLLE attachment system allows easy customization and integration with your existing MOLLE-compatible gear.

Equip yourself with the ABU Rifleman Kit and optimize your load for tactical operations, outdoor adventures, or emergency preparedness. With its wide range of pouches and accessories, this kit offers the storage solutions you need to keep your gear organized and accessible. Invest in this versatile kit today and experience the convenience and functionality of authentic GI MOLLE II gear.


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