Jungle Boots - V-Trax Sole, Slightly Blemished


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Perfectly imperfect on the outside--pure comfort inside

  • No steel plate for improved comfort
  • V-TRAX Outsole
  • Made in USA
  • TUFFkushion sole

The Wellco brand name is synonymous with quality and military spec. They have been working with the military for many years perfecting gear like this V-Track Jungle Boot with a TUFFkushion sole and leather and black Cordura upper with reinforcing nylon webbing. If you can look past the blemishes, you’ll be adding a superior quality boot to your wardrobe. Made in the USA with pride.



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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Casey
Boots and bag

The bag was great the boots on the other hand I ordered wides says wide on boot but def not. Also they hurt to bad to where the laces go in did in so much to top of my feet that after one hour of wereing them the tops of both my feet were badly bruised

Aaron Pierpont (Worcester, Massachusetts, United States)
Wellco Jungle Boots

Great boots, I'm sure that there is something not up to military specs but from my perspective they're perfect. I've been wearing them every day since receiving them and they're awesome for daily wear. I'm on my feet for over eight hours a day and they're comfortable all day long. Can't beat them for the price.

Anonymous (Chesterton, Indiana, United States)
Great boot, outstanding value.

I recently went shopping for some new boots and wound up picking up a few different pairs, and these were one of them. Whatever the "blemish" is so tiny that I couldn't find it at a glance and I'm not really concerned with it.

The best description of these that I can really give you in just a few words would be "Modernized Jungle Boots". If you're familiar with real USGI Jungle Boots you already know some of what you're getting with these. Arch support is good, but not super outstanding. Ventilation is excellent, at the cost of having no waterproof qualities whatsoever. Ankle support is pretty poor, but then again, these don't weigh much more than tennis shoes and those have no ankle support at all.

These do have some pretty big pluses compared to your usual jungle boots. The stainless steel spike plate has been removed, which makes them much more flexible. I doubt many of us actually need the spike plates anyway. The V-Trax sole on these things is absolutely outstanding, and I think it greatly improves comfort on hard floors where the original style Panama Sole is pretty pointless anyway.

Steven Laux (Fort Recovery, Ohio, United States)
Jungle boots

I was very satisfied with my order of the military style jungle boots, I was in the infantry in the Marines. These were the same boots I wore when I was deployed & day to day.

VeroBilly (Miami, Florida, United States)
Great Boots - Mainly Perfect

Definitely a great quality boot and other than a little scuff on the sole I can't find why they were listed as Slightly Blemished...you could mark the sole getting out of the car with them on. These are "no brainers" if you need jungle boots. Great looking and fitting boots.

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