Rubberized Waterproof Laundry Bag

Genuine Issue

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Takes a lot of Guff. Protects your Stuff.

  • Top loading
  • Top tie string
  • Nylon outer shell
  • Rubberized lining
  • 100% waterproof
  • NSN# 8465-00-261-6909
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Dimensions: Cylindrical, 16" Diameter x 30" High
  • Clothing Bag, Waterproof: Part# A-A-55092, MIL-B-3108

This durable clothing bag is a US Military Issue 100% Waterproof Clothing Bag. While it is especially designed to keep your clothing clean and dry under wet and messy conditions, it is a great bag for just about anything: storage, laundry duties, traveling, emergency evacuation, and more!

Do you need a waterproof clothing bag to tote your clothing to the laundry mat? Or, maybe you need to tote some clothing away from a flooded area? This waterproof bag will also come in handy if you are headed for a day of boating or a week outdoors on a campground. Thanks to its nylon outer shell and waterproof rubberizing lining, this clothing bag will ALWAYS keep your clothing nice and dry regardless of how wet and damp it is outside.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Wm J. (Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States)
Exactly what I wanted

My order arrived in a short time period. Upon inspection my items were in great condition. And I paid a fair price.

Steve-o (Monon, Indiana, United States)
Good deal

This is a wet weather bag, you turn it inside out with the rubber part on the outside and put your clothing and sensitive items on the green inside. While inside your pack. Twist the top like a loaf of bread, goose neck it and tie it off. And it will keep your stuff dry. It can also turn your pack into a make shift floatation device if doing water obstacles. Good to have in your kit. If there's pin holes in it just smear a little clear silicone on them and your good as new

Adrian R. (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Dry bag

Great bag and great customer service

Eric (The Bronx, New York, United States)
Excellent American Made Product

Can be used as Laundry Bag or Dry Bag for your tactical backpack. What's not to like?

Mark M.
Rubberized laundry bags

I purchased three of these bags. They were all in very good shape. Very happy with these bags. Thanks for the great product, McGuire's!

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