GI MOLLE II ACU 17-Piece Rifleman Kit

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Elevate your tactical gear with the GI MOLLE II ACU 17-Piece Rifleman Kit, an all-inclusive, high-performance set designed to meet the demands of any mission. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, this kit ensures that every essential item is within reach and securely stowed. Made from high-quality materials to withstand harsh conditions, it is fully MOLLE-compatible and allows for custom configuration and expansion. It is also ideal for blending into a variety of environments.

Brand New Rifleman set MOLLE System 8465-01-525-0578

  • Assault Pack (8465-01-524-5250)

    Compact yet spacious, this pack is perfect for carrying your critical gear in the field.

  • Fighting Load Carrier/Vest (8465-01-525-0577)

    Designed for comfort and versatility, providing easy access to your equipment.

  • Waist Pack (8465-01-524-7263)

    Adds additional storage capacity, ideal for smaller items and quick access essentials.

  • Bandoleer Pouch (6 Magazine) (8465-01-524-7309)

    Keep your ammunition organized and readily accessible.

  • Hydration System (8465-01-525-5531)

    Stay hydrated with this integrated system designed for ease of use in the field.

    Hydration Bladder (8465-01-519-2304)

    Hydration Carrier (8465-01-524-8362)

  • M4 Two Magazine Pouch (x3) (8465-01-525-0606)

    Securely hold up to six M4 magazines with these rugged pouches.

  • Canteen/General Purpose Pouch (x2) (8465-01-525-0585)

    Versatile pouches for carrying water canteens or other general-purpose items.

  • Hand Grenade Pouch (x2) (8465-01-525-0589)

    Ensure your grenades are securely fastened and easily accessible.

  • Triple Magazine Pocket (30 Round) (x2) (8465-01-525-0598)

    Additional storage for up to six 30-round magazines.

  • Flash Bag Grenade Pocket (8465-01-524-7324)

    Specialized pouch for safely carrying flashbang grenades.

  • Entrenching Tool Carrier (8465-524-8407) Conveniently carry your entrenching tool for rapid deployment.

With all new components, this GI MOLLE II ACU 17-piece Rifleman Kit ensures maximum performance and reliability. It's not just for military personnel or tactical enthusiasts but also anyone needing a reliable and versatile gear setup. Equip yourself with the best—order yours today and be prepared for any mission.



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