GI Elastic Cotton Dressing Bandage— 6" x 5½ yd, 6 Pack


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Essential to any first aid kit, these Presso bandages are individually wrapped and sealed. Utilize these bandages to support and hold dressings in place, help control swelling and ease pain, or hold ice and heat packs on an injury.

  • Premium cotton bandages
  • Bandages close with included metal clasps
  • Dimensions: 6 inches x 5½ yards
  • Stretches to 16.5"
  • Each bandage is individually sealed
  • Ideal for sprains, herbal body wraps, and supporting and holding dressings in place
  • Manufactured by Medical Fabrics Co. in NJ
  • Genuine US Military Issue
  • Made in USA

These latex-free premium quality elastic bandages have many uses, whether for sporting sprain injuries or as body wraps.

With their countless number of uses, these metal clasp closure elastic bandages work well as an all-purpose first aid product! Don’t forget to add some to your 72-hour emergency gear or car first aid kit.


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Edward M. (Covington, Louisiana, United States)

Wasn't quite a stretchy as I wanted but still get the job done

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