Military Style General Purpose First Aid Kit


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Peace of mind in a kit. One for your home. One for your car.

  • One (1) 1″ Tape
  • One (1) Eye Pad
  • One (1) Scissors
  • One (1) Hand Soap
  • One (1) Tweezers
  • One (1) Pill Bottle
  • Six (6) Safety Pins
  • Two (2) Iodine Wipes
  • Four (4) Alcohol Wipes
  • One (1) Triple Antibiotic
  • Four (4) Pain Relievers
  • One (1) Instant Ice Packs
  • Two (2) 2″ Elastic Bandages
  • One (1) 1st Aid/Burn Cream
  • One (1) First Aid Instructions
  • One (1) Pair BLK Nitrile Gloves
  • Eight (8) BZK Antiseptic Wipes
  • One (1) Watertight Plastic Box 
  • Sixteen (16) Bandage Strips 1×3″
  • Eleven (11) Conforming Gauze 4″x 4.1 yds.
  • Two (2) Conforming Gauze 2″x 4.1 yds. 

Emergency situations are easier to handle when you keep this General Purpose First Aid Kit handy. It is jammed full of an assortment of basic first aid supplies. The hard-plastic waterproof casing protects its contents when you store it in your house, at work, or in the car. Assembled with pride in the USA.


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Customer Reviews

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First Aid Kit

It was a Christmas gift for our son. He was quite impressed with it. It had everything he might need for camping.

Best First Aid Kit

The box has all the essentials. Easy to pack and store because of the compact size. Thank you for continuing to make them.

A good military grade First Aid Kit

This First Aid Kit is the military grade FA101C First Aid Kit.
This mean that at least the case is stronger compare with other garbage available on the market, and I wanted this one especially because of that.
What's inside are pretty common first aid items, I plan to keep only some of them, adding some other good quality stuff.
Brand new, sealed, exactly what I expected. I'm completely satisfied about this purchase.

First Aid Kit

I bought the Army Style General Purpose First Aid Kit and I absolutely love it. It comes in a hard case and was filled with all the essential aid items I would need. I bought it as a safety measure to be kept in my wife's vehicle. This kit is large enough to hold the necesary items but still small enough to carry around. I’m very happy with this purchase.

!st Aid Kit

Brand new sealed 1st aid kit!

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