You’ve seen the news – a strange, new virus appearing in China. Footage of Chinese citizens and reporters with face masks. Reports of increasing infections and even fatalities. What is the coronavirus? How can you protect yourself?

The coronavirus is part of a virus family that can cause a respiratory illness and can spread from person to person. While there is no vaccine currently available, people are trying to protect themselves with surgical face masks, in addition to standard hygienic measures such as regular hand washing and avoiding close contact with anyone coughing or sneezing.

Unfortunately, standard surgical masks don’t offer full protection against airborne viruses, since small particles can still get through the mask, and the eyes are exposed as well.

So, how can you protect yourself more effectively? Our Israeli tactical gas masks and filters are designed to protect against all known nuclear, biological, and chemical agents (NBC), including airborne viruses. The mask itself completely covers the mouth, nose, and eyes, and is made of impermeable professional grade rubber. This effectively ensures that no particles can get through the mask.

So, while the best protection might be to distance yourself from infected patients, this is not always possible. Give yourself peace of mind and make sure you have gas masks on hand for yourself and your loved ones!

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