Israeli PAPR NBC Adult Protective Hood with Blower and Filter


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This product is ITAR Restricted, and cannot be shipped out of the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.

The Adult Protective Hood is a new concept in civilian respiratory protection against NBC hazards. It is designed to provide a high degree of reliable protection and physical comfort, regardless of facial structure or dexterity in putting on the hood. The hood is designed for individuals aged 13 years and above. Protect against COVID-19.

  • Allows for undistorted vision and unrestricted movement
  • Attaches to standard 40mm NATO filters or to a hose
  • Supplies air at up to either 45 L/min or 90 L/min
  • Can be worn over glasses and beards
  • Made in Israel

Batteries Included: Four (4) Lithium 123 Batteries Included with 45 L/Min blower and eight (8) Lithium 123 Batteries included with 90 L/Min. The batteries will last approximately 10 hours with the blower running. 

The hood is made of soft flexible laminate, which seals around the user’s neck. It is integrated with the large polycarbonate visor, to permit clear, undistorted vision. The nose-cup is tightened and positioned on the face using the two diagonal straps and quick release buckles on the back of the hood. The front visor is equipped with a standard thread, for attachment to either a standard NBC filter or a flexible hose that can be used with a blower to produce overpressure. The hood becomes a positive pressure system through the attachment of a blower (IMP 2005), supplying air up to 45 L/minute. This significantly improves protection and physiological comfort. The hood can be worn over eyeglasses and beards, and still provide an effective protection level. The system consists of a head covering, blower (IMP 2005) and filter.


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Customer Reviews

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VG C. (Glendale, California, United States)
very professional

Ben is was very helpful in educating me on PAPR and filters. He sent me videos and educational material. I received the order fast and he included an extra filter at no charge. After my purchase he address my concerns very promptly. Very professional and personal experience. I highly recommend him. Thank you VG.

BF (Brooklyn, New York, United States)

Very Quick service shipped fast.
regarding the product the hood is very tight around the neck i like the 3M versaflo but it is twice the price and not available

Israel M.
Amazing communication and service

I ordered the PAPR I was immediately called by a customer service rep that it’s not in stock yet with an estimated time when it will arrive then I got a follow up phone call when it did arrive at the warehouse and because it was a day later than expected instead of sending it by mail they drop shipped it to my house that is called excellent customer service so thank you very much

Garred F. (Metairie, Louisiana, United States)
Thank you so much

I’m a respiratory therapist working in New Orleans. I require a papr hood to take care of covid 19 patients. I received my papr hood faster than expected. Thank you so much.

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