Military M-12 Pistol Holster


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Every pot has a lid. Every pistol has a holster.

These were made on contract for the US Military and the brand may not be Bianchi. Mulitple manufactures made these as well, however, these are all made to the same specs. 

  • U.S Armed Forces standard issue pistol holster
  • Can be worn in 14 different positions

Got a Beretta 92 semiauto pistol? Then, you need this pistol holster. Designed by Bianchi in the 1980’s the M12 is the standard issue holster for the U.S. Armed Forces and has been battle proven from Bosnia to Panama and Iraq. Its unique ambidextrous design, when combined with our modular accessories, allows the M12 to be worn in 14 different positions. The M12 is specifically designed to fit the Beretta 92 semiauto pistol and was awarded 5 separate patents for its utilitarian design.


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Customer Reviews

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Casey Burns (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
As described

New unissued quality. This holster will hold a full size 1911.

Robert Sanders (Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States)
Owned 2 of these, figured a 3rd would be perfect!

Used to have an old one from a Vet who gave me some of his Vietnam/Desert Storm gear. That one disappeared when my house was broken into as a kid. I then bought one about 6 years ago for my competition gun. These things are awesome! You have such a surefire way to secure your shooter with no worry of it slipping out. If you own a Beretta in any model 92, this should be one holster that you NEED to buy. Its very quick attach and detach for your hikes and it will not fall out. The latch to unflap is awesome and able to keep that puppy secure so it doesn't fall out when you're running or take a tumble down a hill (yes, this is from experience) and you also get a nifty little rod to shove down the barrel if your gun gets ridiculously dirty or if there is something lodged in the barrel (somehow). Seriously, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't have one of these holsters.

Mike Schreiner (Kent, Washington, United States)
Very secure holster.

It will take a little while to get familiar with the use of this holster. It is very secure but a little awkward to use at this point. Not only the M-92 Beretta fits but also a 1911.

Alireza Arasteh (Silver City, New Mexico, United States)
M-12 holster

I have a couple of other M-12 holsters. They are excellent. It is originally made for Beretta 92, but you can fit Glock, and Ruger Sr-9, and CZ 75 in them too. they are great buy.

mark rockrich (Scottsdale, Arizona, United States)
M12 holster

the best for the price.

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