The ACFAK - Ammo Can First Aid Kit

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The 138 piece ACFAK (Ammo Can First Aid Kit) is the king of badass medical kits. The gear is neatly organized in an army surplus ammo can. But these ain’t no Walmart® plastic ammo cans with that weird smell that break and crumble if you dare sneeze on it. These are genuine US Military ammo cans constructed from rugged metal (carbon steel and aluminum) and were actually issued and used in combat. These cans may have some dents and scratches. Maybe its from combat or maybe it fell off a tank – there’s just no way to know. The can is stuffed with some of the most essential first aid gear available. Throw it in your trunk or take it on your next camping trip and be prepared. My mother always told me Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

  • Steel Constructed with Pressure Lock Lids and Handles
  • Virtually Airtight and Highly Water Resistant
  • Dimensions 10”L x 3¼”W x 7”H

The ammo cans feature a hinged lid with tension clamp down and a rubber seal on the lid making them extremely airtight and close to waterproof. You don’t need to be a prepper to be prepared for a medical emergency. Get yours today and expect the unexpected.


1x US Military Issue 30. Cal Ammo Can

1x Johnson & Johnson® First Aid Instructions

1x The Essentials of First Aid Card

1x Pair Black Nitrile Gloves

4x Emergency Blankets

1x Israeli Combat Bandage

2x Muslin Triangular Bandage

1x EMT Shears (7.25”)

1x Metal All Purpose Scissors (3.5”)

1x Tweezers

1x Bar Hand Soap

5x Safety Pins

1x Triple Antibiotic Ointment

1x First Aid & Burn Cream

1x First Aid Burn Spray (2 oz.)

3x Alcohol Wipes

3x Povidone Iodine Prep Pads

6x Antiseptic Wipes

3x Curad® Cloth Roll Tape (1”x54”)

2x Box Curad® Sheer Strips (40 Per Box)

1x Elastic Bandage (2”x4.5 Yards)

5x Bandage Strips 1″x3″

2x Bandage Strips 2″x4″

2x Knuckle Bandages

4x Gauze Sponges (4”x4”)

1x Conforming Gauze (4”x4.1 Yards)

1x Medlogix Instant Ice Pack

4x Pain Relievers


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