FM12 Gas Mask, Lightly Used


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The Iconic Avon FM12TM mask provides respiratory protection from toxic accidents, intentional attacks, emergencies, and natural disasters. They are the most widely-used respirator by military and law enforcement organizations worldwide; they provide high levels of respiratory protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents and Toxic Industrial Materials. The FM12TM has gained CE and NIOSH CBRN certification, and it is ideal for stocking in an emergency kit at home, in the trunk of your car, or the office. This face-piece is made of a thick and durable rubber that does not bend easily and retains its overall shape. They also feature a speech horn for clear communication, and a secondary speech Transmitter (SST) to connect communications equipment. Its high-flow fail-safe drinking tube enables connection to a canteen or bladder. This Mask is lightly used.

 The FM12 takes standard 40mm thread filters (Sold separately) 

  • Made of durable rubber
  • Scratch-resistant and impact-proof eyepieces  
  • 6-point adjustable head harness
  • Speech horn for clear communication
  • High flow fail-safe drinking tube
  • Made in the UK

It features High visibility low profile poly-carbonate eyepieces that are resistant to scratches and are impact-proof. The 6-point mesh cap head harness can be pre-adjusted on the forehead and temple straps for comfort. The inside of the FM12 is straightforward, with an inner peripheral seal and an oral-nasal cup, the chin rest on the peripheral seal is very ample and offers superior comfort. The FM12 features two systems of filter input; it takes standard 40mm thread filters. 



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