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This Professional Tactical 350 Lumen Flashlight is a powerful flashlight that will illuminate any situation. The light has different settings on it for different scenarios. It is equipped with a pocket clip so you can carry it easily and have it readily accessible. Never get caught in the dark with your pants down, 'cuz someone might have one of these powerful flashlights. 

  • 350 Lumens
  • Pocket clip
  • Multiple Settings
  • This light is a basic addition for anyone’s EDC (Every Day Carry.)
  • Operates with 1 AA battery (not included)
  • Zoom function for a more concentrated beam  

There are three modes on this tactical light: high, low and tactical strobe. In strobe mode, the light flashes rapidly designed to disorient a would-be attacker or signal a distress call.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael J. (Camden, Arkansas, United States)
Awesome light

Absolutely love this little light it’s compact and very bright

P F. (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Tactical flashlight

The name doesn't make it tactical as any light is never good on ops. But this is a great flashlight that is handy for any in law enforcement or areas where light is not an issue featuring a strong clip and powered by AA makes it a handy useful tool light compact and robust. A great item to gift which has a smooth side to engrave if you like.

Lynne A. (Redmond, Oregon, United States)
Tiny but MIGHTY

Perfect little light with LOTS of power!

David V.R. (Waldport, Oregon, United States)
Powerful little dude!

This small flashlight is just what I needed for walking the storage facility grounds at night where I work/live to make sure everything is secure. Mostly metal construction, so tough. Only needs 1 AA battery which is great. I like the ability of a fine light stream and a broad one. To activate the strobe function, lightly push the power button without actually clicking it. This was not in the description, which I highly recommend McGuire throw in there so people lacking common sense won't return thinking it's a faulty product. I'm sure I'll be purchasing more of these for gifts.

Ken O. (Fennville, Michigan, United States)
Handy Light.

Compact , bright, great light for camping hiking and hunting.

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