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The GI ALICE Field Gear Bundle is a comprehensive set of military field gear designed for use in challenging outdoor environments. This bundle includes several essential items that connect to each other these items are necessary for any soldier or outdoor enthusiast.

All the items in this bundle are USED, except for the water canteen, which is in brand new condition.

Bundle Includes:

  • One (1) Medium Pistol Belt (NSN# 8465-01-322-1965)
  • One (1) Y-Suspenders (NSN# 8465-00-001-6471)
  • Two (2) M-16 Ammunition Pouches (NSN# 8465-00-001-6482)
  • One (1) 1 Quart Canteen (NSN# 8465-01-115-0026)
  • One (1) Canteen Cover (NSN# 8465-00-860-0256)
  • One (1) Compass Pouch (NSN# 8465-00-935-6814)

The first item in the bundle is a sturdy Pistol Belt with an NSN# 8465-01-322-1965. This Belt is designed to be worn comfortably around the waist and is constructed of heavy-duty tough nylon to ensure durability and longevity; it also features a heavy-duty plastic quick-release buckle. Medium Pistol belt fits up to 40” it can be extended with the GI Belt Extender (sold separately)

The Y-Suspenders (NSN# 8465-00-001-6471) included in the bundle are designed to be used with the Belt. They provide additional support to the waist and help distribute weight more evenly, which makes carrying heavy gear more comfortable.

The bundle also includes two M-16 Ammunition Pouches (NSN# 8465-00-001-6482). These pouches are specifically designed to hold three magazines and two grenades on the sides; the M-16 ammunition would work great as a general-purpose pouch as well. The approximate dimensions of this pouch are 7" x 3.5" x 2.5", and it can be attached to the Belt or Y-Suspenders for quick and easy access.

The 1 Quart Canteen (NSN# 8465-01-115-0026) and Canteen Cover (NSN# 8465-00-860-0256) are also included in the bundle. The canteen is a must-have for anyone spending time in the great outdoors, providing a convenient way to carry water or other fluids. The canteen cover is designed to protect the canteen from damage and insulate it from extreme temperatures.

The bundle includes a Compass Pouch (NSN# 8465-00-935-6814) designed to hold a compass, other small navigation devices, or first aid essentials like bandages, dressings, and gloves. There is a snap closure to keep this pouch closed and your items secure. This pouch can be attached to the Belt or Y-Suspenders for easy access and convenience.

Overall, the GI ALICE Field Gear Bundle is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive set of military-grade field gear. Each item is made with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for soldiers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew J. (Auburn, Alabama, United States)
You get what you pay for

The compass pouch was missing, and one of the M16 ammo pouches was kinda chewed up (missing the magazine inserts for example), but besides that it’s exactly what I wanted.

James D. (Manasquan, New Jersey, United States)
Even better than expected

Good item, good price, good service.

Attila S. (Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
Very versatile and in very good condition

All the parts of the ALICE field gear bundle were in very good condition. Only showed very minor wear. Canteen did not come with a cup. The belt itself was a small size. I purchased a another belt from another company that would fit me. I cleaned all the parts in detergent and rinsed and dried them and they all came out looking very nice. This is something that’s really practical and can actually be used. That’s the main reason I purchased it. It was a really good buy. It was relatively inexpensive and everything can be used for various purposes.

Rick M. (Strongsville, Ohio, United States)
My recent order

My recent order is exactly what I ordered! And it came within days. When I want some Good American-made field gear, McQuire is the only place I go. I highly recommend these guys!!

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