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The Extreme Cold Weather Military Surplus Mickey Mouse Boots were given their nickname for giving the GIs wearing them an uncanny resemblance to that Disney character. A proven “rock star” in the cold weather military grade footwear category, these ECW Boots are rated for -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you put these on, you'll kick yourself for wearing Walmart crap (just make sure to take them off first or you're in for a real whoopin'). Soldiers and ice fisherman agree, that these are the only boots that’ll keep your toes from cracking off in the frozen wilderness of Michigan.

  • Rated to -20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Authentic military grade boots (not a cheap imitation) offering great traction
  • Side valve allows for inflation or deflation and equalizes air pressure from within.
  • Ideal for use during outdoor activities during extremely harsh weather conditions or in wintery settings.
  • Makes a great gift for hunters, outdoor winter sports enthusiasts, construction workers, hikers, and outdoor workers.

Keep your feet warm and cozy in cold temperature as low as -20° Fahrenheit with these awesomely insulated rugged rubber boots. Loyal fans of this high-quality boot appreciate the superior frostbite protection provided by its thick layered wool and felt insulation, ingeniously situated between water-repelling rubber inner and outer layers. It is the very best boot to reach for when you are braving brutally cold temperatures when an outdoor adventure, an outdoor job, or a winter sport beckons!

These durable boots will wear on and on and on, making them an excellent investment boot for anyone who spends a good deal of time outdoors in the following weather conditions: very cold, snowy, windy, rainy, or wet conditions.  Once you experience the comfort, warmth and protection these “Mickey Mouse” GI military issue boots provide you will never settle for lesser quality cold temperature boots again.


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Expedient Service

Top Notch Customer Service!!
Good quality!! My order was 2 Pair of 8w VB/Mickey Mouse Boots!! Fits like a size 9 for future buyer info. Superb Service!!


These boots are the best boots made at any time....there is NO substitute


Just as described

They Fit!

Was worried about having to return these: I normally wear Thorogood boots size 8 2E and and these 7W fit perfectly: snug but not too tight. So, it seems to be true then that you should order a size down. Tried them on with thin thermal socks but could probably wear with thick wool as well. They seem to be very well made, like they converted a car tire into a boot! I heard these Mickey Mouse boots were the boots to get by ironworkers in the field (even though they have a heel) for water and cold protection so I feel confident these boots will suffice. There is a contract number stamped in ink on the inside upper part of each boot with the date "Sep 23 1983". If that is when they were made you would never know it. The rubber is in mint condition with no signs of deterioration whatsoever!

Military Mickey Mouse boots

Fast shipment excellent quality

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