British Vintage Wool Hand Warmer 1952

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We’re betting that you don’t find this item very often…  Unlike bulky gloves and mittens, which can limit the use of your fingers, these stretchy Vintage hand warmers from Britain, keep your hands nice and toasty while leaving your fingers free. They are knit with super soft wool, and they are loved and valued for its insulating warmth and comfort, they have been knitted in a beautiful classic cable-knit pattern.

  • 100% super soft wool
  • Classic cable-knit pattern
  • 12" long
  • Made in Britain

These gloves are generously sized at 12" long, so you can tuck them under your coat sleeves to seal the cold out. 



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Customer Reviews

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John Simmons
British Vintage Wool Hand Warmer 1952

Exactly as pictured. Git these for my wife so she can type and keep her hands warm. They work well.

Mike FitzGerald (Coventry, Rhode Island, United States)
British Vintage Wool Hand Warmer 1952

Neat product. Good for the farm if you need your fingers free.

Paul JJ Alix (Jasper, Arkansas, United States)
Everyone should have two

Everyone should have one of these or two one for each hand. the buttonholes are a little weird but forget about them just tuck them in where they would go anyway under your sleeve. It's like an extension to your sleeve stopping the cold air from coming in and up your arm. Then when your hands get cold you just pull them up halfway over your hand if you're working or all the way over your hand like a mitten.

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