Extreme Cold Weather Mickey Mouse Boots, Used

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These boots are proven rock stars in the cold weather military grade footwear category. They are essential for hunters, outdoor winter sports enthusiasts, construction workers, hikers, and outdoor workers.  These durable boots will wear on and on and on, making them an excellent investment boot for anyone who spends a good deal of time outdoors in the very cold, snowy, windy, rainy, or wet conditions.  Once you experience the comfort, warmth and protection these “Mickey Mouse” military issue boots provide you will never settle for lesser quality cold temperature boots again.

These boots are used

  • Genuine US issue military surplus
  • Waterproof
  • These boots have no pressure valve
  • Rated to -20° Fahrenheit
  • Ideal for use during outdoor activities during extremely harsh weather conditions or in wintery settings.

Keep your feet warm and cozy in cold temperature ranges between with these awesomely insulated rugged rubber boots. Loyal fans of this high-quality boot appreciate the superior frostbite protection provided by its thick layered wool and felt insulation, ingeniously situated between water-repelling rubber inner and outer layers. It is the very best boot to reach for when you are braving brutally cold temperatures when an outdoor adventure, an outdoor job, or a winter sport beckons!

The Mickey Mouse Boots have long been coveted as the "best bang for your buck" when it comes to extreme cold weather boots. In Alaska they are even referred to as "toe savers" due to insulation and waterproofing these boots have. Due to their cease in production the boots are becoming harder and harder to find. make sure to get yours today!


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Customer Reviews

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Willliam K. (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
Love My Mickey Mouse Boots

This is a Great Boot. Extremely warm, and comfortable. I wore a similar boot in the past. I wore them, while sitting out on the ice ice fishing. While other boots, after a short period the severe cold would penetrate. Not these boots, I didn't feel an aota of cold, and my feet stayed warm, cozy, and toasty, throughout! Best boot Ever, Hands Down!

IVAN C. (Bethel, Maine, United States)
Sole was very worn, almost flat

Sole was very worn, almost flat so there is no grip. Although I understand the boots were used the fact that the sole is so worn, there is no grip at all so it really defeats the purpose of a snow boot. Otherwise the boots are really good, warm and comfy. With a medium used sole I would recommend them.

Joe S. (Blue Grass, Iowa, United States)

Fabulous service, young lady was very polite and pleasant. It’s real nice to talk to an AMERICAN on the phone for a change. Boots are awesome. Got here a lot quicker than I thought. Ty again.

USMC F. (Thurmont, Maryland, United States)

Needed emergency cold weather boots for the family and SgtMaj Wifey approved the purchase. Price was incredible, but only to be outdone by the quality of the boots and your customer service. Sf McGuire's!

Zachary R. (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Great service

Exactly what I purchased

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