Field Dressing Bandages

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These bandages are sterile and come with over 48 inches of gauze wrapping on BOTH sides of the bandage. The length ensures you can use it on almost every part of the body, even making a sling if you have to. These are Sterile and in the original sealed packaging.

  • Manufactured 08/16 
  • Inspection/test date: 08/19.
  • Can stretch from 4 x 6-1/4” to 7-1/4”
  • Manufactured by Elwyn Industries in Aston, Pennsylvania 
  • Genuine US Military Issue
  • NSN# 6510-00-159-4883
  • CAGE 5R542 P/N 4883
  • Made in USA

Instructions for use

Clear the airway, stop the bleeding, treat for shock, and protect the wound.

  1. Don't touch the face of the pad to the wound. 
  2. Apply white side of the pad to the wound.
  3. Wrap bandage and fasten by tying tails. 
  4. Sterility is void if the package is opened.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard H. (Vian, Oklahoma, United States)
Good quality

Nice for my go pack.

Matt A. (Bryan, Texas, United States)
Great bandage

The only place I could find this great bandage. A good sized bandage for everyday and travel. Big enough for a deep cut one could suffer in every day life. Packaged in nice small tight transparent vaccum seal. For outdoors, camping, or more extreme adventuring I’d suggest a larger bandage since higher risk of larger injury.

roger w. (Middletown, Ohio, United States)

quick shipping on GI Bandage. I am now ready for a sucking chest wound.

Darren U. (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Great service

Placed the order, shipping was free. Was delivered quickly. Awesome service. Would definitely recommend McGuire.

Military Field Dressings

An amazing price on a great product. I used these when I first joined the Army and it was the ONLY medical gear we were issued individually in the Infantry back then. This is an improved version due to now being flat folded and vacuum packed in heavy plastic. These are the most compact battle dressing available. Primitive in comparison to modern field bandages like the Olaes Bandage (my favorite), H-Bandage, Emergency Trauma Bandage or Izzy, but much more compact and perfect for mini kits. Keep in mind these are basically a strip of muslin cloth sewn onto a combine/ABD/trauma dressing. No elastic wrap and no clip or velcro closure, and instead you tie a square not to secure it. Slow but still effective.

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