GI US Army Combat Pants— OCP Scorpion

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GI US Army Combat Pants in OCP Scorpion feature flame-resistant technology, never melting, dripping, or burning when exposed to open flames. They're moisture-wicking with a water repellent finish, too. In addition to these remarkable features, the fabric is super soft and durable.

  • Fiber Content: 65% FR Rayon/25% Para-Aramid/10% Nylon
  • Buttoned Front Closure
  • 2 Buttoned Back Pockets
  • 1 Large Leg Button Pocket with Hidden Slip Lock Adjuster
  • 2 Calf Pockets with Hook and Loop Closures
  • CRYE Knee Pad Compatible
  • Made in the USA

Note: Pants do not include knee pads.

The twill fabric variant features Sigma® 4 Star Twill weave, while the ripstop fabric variant features TenCate Defender® M Ripstop. Twill fabric is generally lighter and more breathable than ripstop fabric. Ripstop fabric is woven in a way that works to limit the size of rips. If you haven't already noticed, these pants offer pockets on pockets on pockets for storage ensuring that you can always be prepared. These versatile combat pants also feature 2-inch belt loops, hook and loop adjustable waist, a reinforced seat panel, hook and loop adjusting leg straps, and ankle ties for the perfect. Each of these details contributes to offering the best possible fit.

Machine wash cold or warm, perm press cycle. Tumble dry low or medium heat. Use only detergent. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or starch. Do not dry clean.

Manufactured by ReadyOne Industries, Inc.


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GI US Army Combat Pants— OCP Scorpion

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