HDT Base-X Model 203 Complete Tent with Liner - Lightly Used

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The HDT Base-X Model 203 is a genuine US Military issue mid-sized shelter capable of housing 8 – 10 people. It was designed for mid-sized Command & Control, medical applications, communications, logistics operations, and private offices. It has an area of 210 square feet and a clear span of 14 feet.

This tent is extremely lightly used. It was set up just once to check it out. 

This is a complete tent with liner and floor and includes everything you need to set it up.

  • 210 sq. feet. (clear span - 14 feet)
  • 14’ x 15’ interior dimensions
  • 8’ 3” height in the center
  • Genuine US Military Issue (NSN# 8340-01533-1677)
  • Made in USA / Berry Complaint
  • Lightweight – easy set up configuration
  • 4 entry/egress point + 4 windows
  • Electrical outlet and hang points (100-lb weight-load each) every 5 feet
  • Integral liner with floor and HVAC plenum

The HDT Base-X Model 203 tent is designed for personal to establish camp quickly and efficiently. The tent can be set up in 6 minutes with 2 personnel. It comes with a liner to create a thermal barrier between the outer layer of fabric and the inner layer to keep the cold or heat out.

The shelter uses Base-X’s patented folding frame design and a dual-layer system to make deployments quick and simple. It is stored in two heavy duty bags that can be easily carried. One bag contains the PVC-coated outer cover attached to the articulating frame while the second bag contains the liner. The liner includes an integrated floor, electrical wiring harness and air plenum. The system includes a stake kit, wind line kit, mallet and repair kit which are stored in bag two as well.




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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product but heavy

This tent is a excellent product, materials are heavy duty.
I knew what the weight of each bag was but was not prepared for the size and weight combined. The two bags are each about 5feet + long and about 32” across. The tent bag has the model and part number along with the weight ,( my bag was marked 183 pounds). The liner bag has the liner, stake kit, repair kit and three bags marked wind kit. There was also a envelope that included a letter with contact info a instruction manual with pictures and a dvd.
The stake kit was in its own bag, it includes a hammer, four large round stakes and 10-12 aluminum stakes. This bag probably weighs about 20#.
I expected the repair kit to have some patches and glue. The repair kit had its own bag that included a complete leg assembly, multiple cross arms, complete hub assembly, multiple types of cables, bags of pins and other types of fasteners, glue, patches a couple of tools. The wind kits have their own bags with ropes.( My liner bag was marked 138 pounds.)

The first time setting it up is always going to be the hardest. It took about 45 minutes, it’s easy to overlook some small things in the instructions that end up taking a lot of time to sort out.

The hard part is the size and weight of the bags. It can definitely be put up by two people. It can be moved around by two people, but not very easy.
I would say two big fit guys no problem. Smaller or medium people with knee or back issues I would recommend four people.

I would definitely recommend this tent, but only if you have enough people to move it around.

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