Israeli NATO Gas Mask Filter - Civilian Model

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These Israeli 40mm NATO gas mask filters were issued to Israeli civilians during conflict. They will fit any gas mask with a 40mm NATO threaded connection and are designed to protect against NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical).

These are sealed and never used. however due to their age we cannot guarantee their efficiency. Therefore, we recommend these for collectable use only.

  • 4.5” diameter
  • Type 80, 40mm
  • NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)

These filters are designed to protect the wearer for 8-12 hours once the seal has been broken. They were issued by the Israeli Government to protect its civilians during war and natural disasters.


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Ian Roberts (Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States)
Will get the job done.

Doesn't have that minty fresh feeling. But, it looks fully functional.

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