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Strap on these Italian Military Gaiters! Upgraded to a more modern look, they will continue to protect your lower legs from thorny plants, irksome insects, pebbles, dirt, and water. Just fasten the top, lace them up, strap your boots into place from underneath, and you're good to go!

  • Cotton Canvas with Leather Trimming
  • Nylon Upper with Elastic
  • Steel Speed Hooks
  • Strong Adjustable Nylon Straps with Buckles
  • Protects Legs, Pants, and Boots
  • Made in Italy

This item is sold as one set of 2 gaiters: One for each foot. 

They are primarily made of thick water-resistant canvas, allowing them to effectively guard against dust and dirt as well as splashes of oil and water. These gaiters also protect your feet and lower legs from biting bugs, nettles, and thorns. 

The nylon mouth at the top offer is water-resistant and offers a more modern look. Their speed lace hooks help you to get them on and off quickly. The leather trim at the bottom protects the canvas from wear and tear. The bottom straps secure your boots into place so that you won't be stuck having to adjust them constantly. With these gaiters, you can rest (or run) easier while adventuring in the great outdoors!

Sizing Guide (Boot):
Size 1 - X-Large (46-47)
Size 2 - Large (44-45)
Size 3 - Medium (42-43)
Size 4 - Small (40-41)
Size 5 - X-Small (38-39)


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