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These CamelBak Max Grip Motorsports Fire Retardant Gloves were designed for the US Military for use ranging from soldiers in the field to specialists repairing vehicles on base. They feature a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) Sleeve to keep you dry and protected.

  • Team Soldier certified and Combat proven by Special Operations Aviation, US Marine Corps and more
  • 92% Nomex (fire-retardant material), 5% Kevlar® (cut-resistance), and 3% P140 anti-static fiber (to provide safety around fuels, explosives and electronics)
  • Digitally textured leather palm, fingers and knuckles provide good grip in all conditions of use while concealed interior seam stitching using Para-Aramid thread enhances durability especially around vulnerable finger tips
  • Tanning technology keeps leather soft and supple for the life of the glove even after repeated exposure to perspiration or moisture and the gloves will not lose grip or fit even when wet or submersed in water and will stay soft even with repeated exposure to salt water

Model# MXD04-DFAR

This Camelbak glove is an ideal flight and shooter's glove. They are combat-proven, with excellent fit, dexterity and durability. They are made Nomex, Kevlar® and a P140 anti-static fiber to fully protect you even in the most dangerous of situations. The Camelbak Max Grip NT Gloves are durable high-performance fire-retardant gloves. They are tailored for applications including pilots and crew chiefs, tanks, gunnery, special operations, SWAT, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Search and Rescue (SAR).


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Customer Reviews

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American Patriot (New Britain, Connecticut, United States)
I got a great deal👍👍

I haven't really been able to put these gloves through enough abuse to give a review that someone in the military would be able to read and know whether or not these gloves are for you. But I took them with me camping. Where I used them to collect and process firewood, for grilling, picking up a hot canteen, and pan that was heated over my campfire. But I can tell you these held up great for what I used them for. And that I would definitely recommend them for the purposes I have used them in. They are high quality, comfortable, and I definitely feel safe using them around fire. The leather palms make it easy to grab anything that would otherwise burn your bare hands. Two thumbs up!!😎👍👍

Lloyd Arms (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Tough Gloves

Perfect fit and comfortable. Sewing on fingers is nicely done. Able to pick up small items with no problems. Would certainly purchase another pair if these ever wear out.

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