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This periscopic aircraft sextant was the means of navigation in the dark days before electronic GPS systems. These sextants were used from the 1950s into the early 2000s. The periscopic sextant was not integral to the aircraft, so maintained separately, but taken onto every flight.

These are used vintage collectibles and exact condition varies.

  • "Sextant, Aircraft, Periscopic MS28011-5"
  • Mil Spec: MIL-S-5807C
  • Mfrs P/N: 1471C-02
  • Contract no.: N383 (19-383) 81247A
  • Stock No.: RQ6605-515-4834-VSCQ
  • 6225-1471C-02
  • Made in the USA by Kollsman Instrument Corporation

The power supply for the sextant was taken from the aircraft DC power source. The sextant uses a bubble level finder, and a crosshair sight to line up with the horizon and the stars, telling you in which direction you are going. This is the periscopic sextant that was used by the USAF and CAF during the last 45 years. It was used on the B-47, B-52, C-54, C-97, C-118, C-119, C-121, C-124, KC-135, and other aircraft. This particular sextant dates back to the 1950s.


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Customer Reviews

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John Kochansky (Wilmington, Delaware, United States)
Periscopic sextants

Bought 2 periscopic sextants as retirement gifts for c130 navigators. Delivery was the next day. One sextant in perfect condition. Second sextant was damaged as rubber material in the storage case had broken down and adhered to sextant body. Required an hr of scrapping and the use of cocoa butter to remove the material. Other than that overall great purchase

Thomas Helm (Seattle, Washington, United States)

I flew thousands of hours in the Air Force, as an air crew member. How I would remember the times when the navigator would pop this thing up in the ceiling and take readings for our position.
The instrument, itself, is a beautiful piece of history. Every bit the fine mechanism that I remember.
It goes without saying that storage did not do these any good over the period of time. The foam cushioning can melt, leaving black sticky residue all over it.
For the price, it is a bargain, in my opinion. Be aware that it is old and used and will require some cleanup. At least mine did.
I'm satisfied with my purchase, regardless

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