SCOUT 20000G01A Life Support System — Used


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These modular life support systems allow an individual to operate in containment levels (masked up) for an unparalleled eight (8) hours before performing service. They deliver blower or non-blower Assisted Filtered Air (PAPR or Open Circuit Breathing Gas) (SCBA) in one Integrated System It can also function as an Air Purifying Respirator (APR) or Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

These Life support systems are used; in very good, like new conditions. Tanks and batteries are NOT included. 

  • Constructed of durable nylon Cordura
  • Adjustable padded shoulder and waist straps
  • Heavy-duty top nylon strap handle
  • Holds two (2) cylinders
  • A purge valve on the mode selection switch
  • Mode 3 in 1: 
  • SCBA Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
  • PAPR Power Air Purified Respirator
  • APR Air Purified Respirator
  • Breathing bag
  • Compartment for filter insertion 
  • Made in USA

The 2.5-liter breathing bag is supplied by either compressed air or the blower motor during the exhalation phase of breathing, allowing the operator to retrieve the next inhalation from the breathing bag. In the PAPR mode, this feature eliminates the need for multiple filters, reducing weight and bulk. The breathing bag accommodates left or right-handed shooters. It features a mode selection switch that allows the operator to switch between a blower-assisted PAPR Mode (snorkel up) and an SCBA Mode (snorkel down), which can be controlled manually during a loss in tank pressure. During the “Filtered Air Mode” (snorkel up), the air enters the snorkel then passes through the filter bed, capturing contaminants prior to entering the Breathing Bag Hose. When operated in the SCBA mode, the filter bed remains sealed, eliminating premature failure of the filter due to moisture or airborne contaminants. A purge valve on the Mode Selection Switch allows low-pressure air to be introduced directly to the mask.


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