Swiss Camo Helmet Cover— 2PK

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These swiss camo universal helmet covers fit most helmets; however, they were specifically designed to fit the Swiss M71 and the M1 helmets. This helmet cover features metal clips to secure to the helmet and a drawstring for adjustment. 

  • 100% Cotton 
  • Fits the M71, M1 helmets
  • Swiss camo AKA Alpenflage Camo
  • Metal clips to secure to the helmet
  • Drawstring for adjustment
  • Made in Switzerland

These helmet covers are durable and strong; they are also easy to clean and are machine washable.


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Customer Reviews

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Tom Insardi (Delhi, New York, United States)
Rare Surplus Find

I bought a couple of Swiss helmets from Coleman's on sale, and these covers from McGuire complete the set. They came at a great price, and I believe they would work on several other helmets in my collection.

Kevin (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States)
Great Pattern - Poor Fit

I'm a big fan of the Alpenflage pattern. Unfortunately, this cover is designed to attach to a helmet using clips built into the cover. It does not fit a NATO Kevlar helmet. I was able to stretch it over and clip it to a Flecktarn cover which looks okay.

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