The Wallace Survival Guidebook

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Unfortunately, disasters or emergency encounters do not come by invitation. Most unpleasantness that we encounter seems to happen at the most importune times. When you face disaster, you can often meet physical and psychological strain, often making it hard to remember what to do in an emergency; this is precisely why the Wallace Guidebook was written. This book is specifically designed to present the basics of survival in a highly easy-to-understand manner.

  • Complete guide to Emergency First Aid and survival tips
  • Ideal for taking with you on your outings
  • It makes an excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts
  • From burns, heart attacks, fractured bones, to childbirth, this book will guide you through it
  • Published by Survivor Industries
  • Printed in 1994
  • Printed in USA

From choking, heart Attack, CPR, Shock, Burns, Emotional Trauma, Bleeding, Fainting, Wounds, Broken Bones, Fractured Bones, Back Injury, Childbirth, Auto Breakdown, Temperature Extremes, and the 1st and 2nd Rules of Survival, this book discusses the aforementioned topics, plus many more. It is not pleasant to be in one of these situations, but having this book will give you a better chance of a successful and happy conclusion.

Please be advised that the original copy of this book was published in 1989, so some instructions, recommendations, and information may be outdated (making it an even more interesting read).


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Customer Reviews

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Nice to throw in your pack

Michael B. (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)
Guidebook on survival

Excellent resource of basic survival skills.

Paul H. (New York, New York, United States)
Survival guide book


David G. (Oxford, Michigan, United States)
Good for the beginner

Quick easy read, covers the basics, good guide to have in your kit.

vin1041 (Hammond, Louisiana, United States)
Good Survival

The books have good survival tips. I made each of my kids tool/get home bags. These bags where placed in the trunk of their cars.

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