HAU-15/P Flyers Gloves

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Don’t let the frost bite your hands!

  • Proudly made by Hawkeye Glove in the USA
  • Will not lose flame protection when laundered
  • Sage Green Glove with Black Leather Palm/Fingertips
  • 100% NOMEX fiber for maximum dexterity and flash-flame protection
  • Non-Slip sheepskin leather reinforced palm for firm hold of your weapon or gear
  • Protects your hands while using smoke & flash bang grenade or explosive entry devices
  • Customized design to ensure trigger finger flexibility and tactility
  • Ultra-durable to withstand digging, moving cargo and other heavy-duty activity
  • THERMOLITE®/Thinsulate insulation lining, designed for conditions as low as approximately 15°F

HAU-15/P Intermediate Cold Weather Gloves provide dexterity, tactility, and thermal and flash-flame protection. Designed for use in moderate cold temperatures, between 15° and 40°F, these incredible cold weather gloves are a “must-have” accessory if you love winter sports or camping in cold climates.

For maximum dexterity and tactility, the insulation on the inside of the hand is lighter than that on the back. The fabric shell and knit cuff is made from inherently fire resistant Nomex fiber that will not lose its fire-resistant properties even after multiple washes. Soft sheepskin leather was used for the gripping area on the palm and fingers.

Although these intermediate weight gloves are issued for winter use to service men and women working on various aircraft, civilians appreciate them too! Although they are not suitable for extreme conditions, they can handle typical cold winter weather temperatures and will keep your hands and fingers warm and frost-bite free all winter long.

Note: These gloves are flash-fire resistant but are not fire-proof and will not withstand sustained flame.

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Customer Reviews

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LT (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Flyers Gloves

Best pair of warm gloves I’ve owned and still be able to drive with them on. Too bad they didn’t have these when I was in the USAF in the 80s and 90s.

Great pair of gloves

Great winter work gloves to have, definitely keeps your hands warm. These are brand new. I wear a large so that's a size 11 in this type of glove. These are GI gloves, I had these before and they can take a beating and last a long time. Great to have if you already don't 👍👍

Chuck Nyberg (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)
Flyers Gloves

Everything was right as advertised. They even fit. I have big hands and that's not always the case with gloves.

Derek Repka (Smithfield, North Carolina, United States)

Very quick delivery and great customer service!

Duane Kozelink (Grandville, Michigan, United States)

Excellent quality, had to replace my 1st pair which lasted ten years

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