USMC Commando Sweater

Genuine Issue

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Made from 100% wool, this sweater was issued to marines and features two internal and external suede finish shoulder and elbow patches. This sweater is made with pride in the USA.

  • Genuine USMC Issue
  • 100% Wool
  • Crew-neck and rolled over cuffs
  • Reinforced cotton elbows and shoulder patches
  • Made in USA

This Genuine Military Issue USMC ribbed Sweater is ideal for throwing on when the temperatures drop. It is the perfect choice to wear on camping trips, cycling, paintball games, or outdoor adventure trips. If it’s durable enough to handle harsh military environments, you just know it’s going to be one of those sweaters that will keep you company through years of good use.


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Customer Reviews

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Pacific northwest 42296

I had a wool sweater like this, think it was the 2000s model for a few years when I was homeless. Took a lot of rain in 25-35 degrees farenhight sleeping out side in my cloths , just a pair of jeans a wool sweater with a t shirt underneth and a hoodie and as long as I kept moving most of the day I was golden. Never dry cleaned it though, just hand washed it with dish soap that worked fine in the state of Washington back in 2006, hoping this sweater holds up as well, I appreciate the thick collect and the long sleeves to keep me extra warm in the snow, seems to be of sturdy construction just like my old one, this one is warm wet or dry as long as you walk around a bit.thanks for the authentic wool, nothing else like it.

Marine commando sweater

Excellent quality. Very warm. Looks great!

Solidly sewn

Very warm and one of the more well sewn sweaters I've found.

USMC Commando Sweater

Excellent piece of clothing. Sure I'll own it for a long time. As far as size-I'm 5' 10" with 35 to 36" sleeve length. Size 46 fits well over other layers. Body is plenty long enough. One cuff on the sleeves is all I need. Glad to say made in USA unlike LLBean's wooly pully.

Great Sweater

Overall, it's a great sweater, and I'm delighted. However, I wish to advise prospective buyers that the sweater hasn't a snug cut as someone is suggesting on the reviews. Actually, for the size, it fits really loose. I have a 42 chest and athletic body and bought a 42 size, and it was big on me. What I did is that I very carefully washed and dry the sweater a couple of times (hand wash, low-temperature drying). Now it looks great. If you want a snug fit, buy a size smaller. By all means perfect for temperatures around 0s.

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