Vintage British Skivvies — 3 Pack

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These Vintage British skivvies were made in the United Kingdom for British soldiers during the Korea Era 1952. They are made of 100% cotton and feature a 3-button waist, an open fly, and adjustable side ties.

Pack includes three (3), skivvies

  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight
  • 3-button waist
  • Open fly
  • Side ties for waist size adjustment
  • Made in the U.K

These skivvies are lightweight, soft, and very comfortable to wear. They will also make a great collectible.


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Customer Reviews

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Very comfortable; great price; high coolness factor

Was really excited to find these, and at a bargain price. After submitting this review, I am going to grab another couple packages before you guys do.

Bought my first pair of these in the 1970s. They were rare and super expensive. The several pairs I have been able to acquire since, have been worn to rags. These are what elite British military forces wore. Mine are marked 1951, and with the broad arrow, used since the 14th century to designate British crown property. Markings also indicate British military size 3, made by T.S.& Co. Ltd.

Mine would fit about 32-38in waist, not everybody. Super comfortable and really practical, if you don't mind the side ties rather than elastic. I rate them high in coolness factor. Aside from utility, why do any of us wear vintage military clothing?


Nice shorts,but too small..Gave them to my Son...


Never received. The vest I ordered at the same rime came and is great. Still waiting in these.

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