WWII Era German Burlap Sack

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These sacks are from the WWII Era, they have been made in Germany, they were originally used to carry grains and rice during that era, they were designed of tightly weave thick burlap twine to hold on to tremendous weight and friction. They have been stamped "Bk. Kp. Cp. Boul" on the front side, and the interior has "TE" stamped and dated 1941; dimensions are approximately 24" x 48" they feature two rope cords attached to the side to tie contents securely. 

  • 100% Burlap twine 
  • Dim. 24" x 48"
  • Dated 1941
  • Made in Germany

There are hundreds of uses you can give to these burlap sacks; they are ideal to be used for indoor and outdoor activities such as laundry bags, storage, gardening, sewing and craft projects, etc.



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