Vintage Italian Navy Hammock

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Sit back and relax in this rare piece of Italian Naval history. Originally used in the 1960s on Italian Naval Ships, these sturdy hammocks are made of hemp so they will take a lot of abuse. Six reinforced aluminum grommets give support at each corner. Measures approximately 30” x 80”.

  • Genuine Italian Navy Issue
  • 100% Hemp
  • Measures 30” x 80”
  • Six Reinforced Aluminum Grommets for Hanging

Take one of these on your next hiking or camping trip for a good night sleep or a relaxing nap in the shade. Six reinforced aluminum grommets not only give support at each corner but you also have the support in the mid-section.



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Customer Reviews

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Dennis F. (Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States)
quality material

looks very good,,hemp should be long lasting material. I will modify with more hanging holes and harness. still winter here in no hurry to use yet

Sunny S. (North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States)

Exactly what I was looking for, great price, and was quickly delivered! Thank you!

Richard R. (Center, Texas, United States)
Internet Trust ...

The internet can be a hard place to face reality for some, given the amount of rip offs and fake business. THIS company ... "McGuire Army Navy" is NOT one of them. I've conducted numerous purchases and have always received excellent Customer Service. I had one return amongst them that was handled with precision and professionalism. The product was advertised correctly, came as advertised and in outstanding brand new condition, just the wrong size for me. Point being, you can trust shopping online with McGuire Army Navy, you'll be satisfied too!

Tom (Dayton, Ohio, United States)
Very nice!

These are quite nice hemp “hammocks”. Great new condition like they were made yesterday. The two I purchased were meant to be used as a ground cloth for camping, but they may end up used on a rustic cot-like frame in my hunting tent. Good item.

Gavin C. (Kissimmee, Florida, United States)
Hemp cannot be beat.

Hemp is second to none, I'll say that again, second to none! Canvas has been my go to for many projects but it has a bad habit of stretching, and nylon.. well its nylon. But hemp? Oh boy, they should make everything out of this stuff! It's arguably more durable than any natural fiber, less flammable than nylon, more pliable than canvas, and it's as light as a feather! These hammocks are strong dont doubt them, you could absolutely use it as a cot as well if you fix up a frame for it. I'm curious if these were once waxed to protect the fibers because they smell vaguely similar to beeswax, nevertheless I highly recommend you get your hands on these quick! Even if you have no intention of using it as a hammock or cot, the fabric itself has great value and I'm genuinely thankful for the folks at McGuires. The products they sell are always at the best price and their circulating inventory keeps you excited for what's coming next!

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