Vintage USAF D-1A Cold Weather Face Mask

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The Q17 type D-1A Cold Weather Pilot Mask was designed and issued by the US Air Force in the 1950's to keep their pilots warm at high altitudes while flying. It’s the real deal! A Genuine USAF Issue Pilot’s Mask.

  • New Unissued Military Surplus
  • Constructed of several layers of thick felt
  • Front & back marked with a detailed Air Force wing & star insignia
  • Genuine USAF Issue Vintage New old stock

The Q17 type D-1A Cold Weather Pilot Mask was designed and issued by the US Air Force in the 1950's to keep their pilots warm at high altitudes while flying. The fully adjustable pilot’s face mask is designed to be trimmed by the eyes, mouth, and nose to create a perfect custom fit for the wearer. There are elastic bands on the back to keep the mask snug and comfortable without having to tighten and loosen manual straps. One size fits all.


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Customer Reviews

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Son of a Green Beret (Brookings, Oregon, United States)
A blast from my past

When I was a child my first memory of my fathers connection with the military was
a scary looking mask dark and fuzzy with spooky eye holes.
As I grew, I started to admire the fuzzy mask and saw in it the great use it served
as an arctic survival piece that packed flat and lightweight.

As an army brat of sorts we traveled a lot and I still enjoy traveling,...somewhere the mask disappeared and I never saw it for over 40 years. We would frequent military surplus stores back in the day and I still do a lot of that...but to this day never saw a mask like that in any of those places.

A few weeks ago - It thought about the mask and wondered what it was, who made it, and where it came from? The search began ! After a few days of deep searching I saw it!! I could not believe my eyes as it was real and I could buy it! ! Now I don't have kids yet but I have Nephews and a niece and so I bought 3 of these! One was for my niece and nephews - the other 2 are for me and incase one gets lost!

Thank you so much for holding on to the past as this means more to me then what it actually is but it brings back a world of thoughts and many happy memories !

Oh, do you want to know if I like it? OH YEA and its exactly the same fuzzy mask with the spooky eye holes! Best part is that it looks unused and in perfect condition! I would've bought a beat up one just to have the nostalgia fulfilled ! It was delivered very quickly as well.

Now this Christmas my Nephews and Niece will continue a long tradition of the spooky fussy mask that serves a great purpose and bring attention to our brave fighting soldiers who would
have to wear it if the situation would unfortunately arise.

Thank you!
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Patrick Barrett (Hamburg, New York, United States)

it will definitely do the job that’s for sure. You have to cut out the eye holes though.It is great for snowmobile and cold weather hunting

Brendan Cope (Omaha, Nebraska, United States)
Good Product

Arrived quickly and as expected. The eye holes are meant to be customized. My wife loves that this will keep her nose warm.

The water bear
Cold weather mask

Seems to be well made. Look forward to trying out this winter . Light weight

John (Gurdon, Arkansas, United States)
Top quality

Fits great. Makes dogs growl and bark. Comfortable.

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