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Consider yourself covered with our Shemagh Tactical Scarf! A shemagh, which goes several other names, is typically worn in the Middle East as a protective headcloth. This scarf protects the wearer's face and neck against sand, wind, and most importantly, the sun's heat and damaging rays, which contribute to sunburn.

  • 100% Woven Cotton
  • Protection from Sun, Sand, and Wind
  • Can Be Styled in Various Ways
  • Approximately 42" x 42"
  • Suitable To Wear Year-round

There are several ways of wearing this lightweight woven cotton cloth. For example, it can be wrapped around your neck and head as a hood for optimal coverage. Or you can wear it as a scarf for mid-level coverage or as a bandana if you're going for more style over function. It's an excellent choice of gear to wear when hiking, fishing, paintball, and hiking.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
steven s. (Stockton, California, United States)

Received on time. Just what I ordered just like was shown online.


It’s what it is, not much to say or innovate with something like this. We use them as swaddles. The extra size helps with wrapping them up and it’s warm enough but also light to be versatile. Good product for the price point.

Larry J.
Exactly what was advertised

All my orders have been to my complete satisfaction. I have purchased BDU shirts and tactical scarf. Items are top quality

Steve-o (Monon, Indiana, United States)

Its just like it says, good to have one in your kit, serves a variety of purposes and uses. Colors are limited since everyone on TV decided to get one of them. The price is a good price, some sites charge over 15.00 for one. so good deal here 👍

Patrick R. (Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States)

Shemagh Tactical Scarf

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