Camping Survival Military Wool Blanket

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You will never be left out in the cold with this McGuire Gear Camping Survival Military Blanket! Whether you find yourself outside for a few hours or for a few days, this blanket will make the perfect addition to your gear.

  • 80 % Wool 20% Man-Made Fibers
  • Fire Retardant
  • Wool-Blend Fabric
  • 66 inches x 90 inches
  • Natural, Warm Insulation

Ideal for outdoor expeditions, this wool-blend blanket will help you to brave the chillier elements while leaving you in a state of utter coziness. It acts as an excellent layering blanket or a blanket to use all on its own. The wool blend fabric is both soft and sturdy, trapping the heat you need to stay comfortable and warm. This blanket is not only fire retardant, but moisture-wicking, and mold-resistant as well. 

Hand wash or dry clean only. Imported.


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Customer Reviews

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Great item

Very warm and generous size. All around great item.

Well done

I thought I ordered the red trim but received the white. Didn't matter. I gave a couple to family, put one in my car, and gave the rest to charity. It was a great idea to buy extra, made many people happy. I will do more next Christmas season or before. The quality was very good and worth the price. I will definitely be watching your site for more purchases. PS - When the delivery man dropped the box with 8 of these outside my door - it shook all the windows. Not kidding. The box weighed a ton (and was kind of beat up but contents ok), I needed to drag it into the house. Nothing better than a heavy blanket on a cold night.


Thick, wool, wonderful!

Great wool blanket !

Love the color (Maroon) the stitching around the edges is great. The blanket has a soft feel for being wool. It will work for emergencies, and a lightweight covering for mild summer nights camping.

Fantastic blanket for a fantastic price

I bought one, unsure if it would be worth the risk, and frankly I'm remiss I didnt order a few. This blanket is extremely warm and great quality. I ended up ordering both an Italian and Swiss blanket since.

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