McGuire Gear 3-Liter/100 Oz Hydration Bladder

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Our McGuire Gear Hydration Bladder is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, sports activities, or everyday hydration needs. This high-quality bladder is designed to fit any standard-size GI Hydration Carrier, providing a convenient and efficient way to stay hydrated on the go. Constructed with food-grade material, this bladder ensures the safety and purity of your drinking water. You can have peace of mind knowing that your water remains free from harmful chemicals or contaminants, making it safe for consumption.

With a generous capacity of 3 liters, or 100 fluid ounces, this bladder provides ample hydration to refresh you throughout your activities. Whether hiking, cycling, running, or simply out and about, you can rely on this bladder to provide a sufficient water supply.

Pair it with one of our GI Hydration Carriers!

  • Constructed of food-grade material
  • 3-Liter/100 Fl. Oz. Capacity
  • It fits in any standard-size GI Hydration Carrier
  • Leak-proof wide opening for easy cleaning or ice insertion
  • It does not add taste or odor to your water
  • Includes a drinking tube
  • Maintains liquid temperature

The leak-proof wide opening of the bladder allows for easy cleaning and filling. You can effortlessly add ice cubes to keep your water cool on hot days or remove the bladder for thorough cleaning after use. Keeping your bladder remains hygienic and fresh for your next adventure. Rest assured that our hydration bladder does not add any taste or odor to your water.

The hose is long enough to reach your mouth easily and hands-free and its durable construction ensures reliable performance. So you can stay hydrated without interrupting your activity or needing to stop and unscrew a cap. The materials used are specifically chosen to ensure that your water retains its natural flavor, allowing you to enjoy every sip fully. Whether you prefer cold water on a hot day or warm beverages during colder outings, this bladder helps to insulate your drink, keeping it at the desired temperature for longer.

Experience a reliable and efficient way to stay hydrated. With its food-grade construction, tasteless and odorless design, and convenient drinking tube, this bladder is a must-have for anyone who values proper hydration. Stay refreshed and energized throughout your adventures with our top-quality hydration bladder.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Randy s. (Alachua, Florida, United States)

Super fast shipping as always .excellent product replaced old one perfectly . Love the longer hose

Carrot (Granbury, Texas, United States)
It's fits.

It was exactly what I wanted, it fit.

Warren J. (Sacramento, California, United States)

McGuire Gear 3-Liter/100 Oz Hydration Bladder

Barry G. (Cedarburg, Wisconsin, United States)
Replacement bladder

I needed to replace my old Camelback bladder. This one came with a longer hose and an easier open/close valve.

Rick M. (Strongsville, Ohio, United States)
Camel back bladder

The new bladder arrived safe and secured! The new one has a couple features that those of us who’ve used a camelback will appreciate. As always, the service from McQuire is excellent and I do and have recommended the company for people that spend time in the field. Well Done! And thanks!

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